QuotaPath for Admins

Manage commissions for your team

QuotaPath’s Admin Controls give you a central place to manage commissions, increase team collaboration, and deliver results. Configure your Workspace so reps have the insights they need to take the driver seat of their performance.

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Matt A.

“QuotaPath makes running commissions no longer one massive headache. I don’t have to worry about building out custom objects in Salesforce® or massive spreadsheets in Excel®. It has saved me so much time and effort.”

— Marcos H., Salesforce Administrator

Easily distribute comp plans to your whole team

Build & distribute standardized compensation plans

With Official Plans, you can build standardized comp plans and assign them to the right reps. You have administrative control over who has access to what plans and for what timeframes. Members get instant access to their deals, earnings, and quota attainment.

Make updates that cascade to every member assigned to the comp plan

Make changes to plans that cascade across your organization

Rolling out new or updated comp plans for your team is easier than ever. There’s no back and forth or lengthy waiting periods. You don’t have to pay professional service fees to get updates made for you.

As an Admin, you’re in control. Any changes you make to Official Plans are instantly reflected for all assignees.

Improve the commission process



Everyone involved understands their compensation and payout.



Earnings data is always clean, accurate, and up to date.



Commissions are easy to manage as growth occurs.

Manage deal desks and earnings overrides for individual deals

Deal administration & reporting

Get immediate access to your team’s earnings information with Admin Deals. Insights help you understand costs for each activity on a rep-by-rep basis. If you need to manually override earnings, all your changes are documented for added visibility.

Exporting deal data allows for one-click reporting that you can share with other departments.

Real-time CRM sync for your whole team

Admin-powered Salesforce sync & team data management

With our organization-wide Salesforce integration, you can ensure and validate that all of your team’s data is up to date and configured correctly, in real-time. The process is seamless, so there’s no need to rely on technical advisors or expensive consultants.


Reduce friction

Eliminate commission back-and-forth, shadow accounting, and payout confusion.


Save in time & costs

Reduce the time it takes to calculate commissions by days. No more costly mistakes.


Automate the process

Connect your systems of record and focus on behaviors that drive your business forward.