How Jirav leveraged QuotaPath’s HubSpot integration

By Kelly O'Halloran • November, 2021 • 7 mins

Like most budding sales organizations, Jirav relied on one person and an Excel spreadsheet to track sales commissions. 

However, as Jirav’s sales team began to grow, so did their commission issues. 

Reps had nowhere to check their earnings ahead of their next paychecks, which left little time for questions or reconciliation. A sole controller spent two to three days every month manually calculating commissions in a spreadsheet.

And that spreadsheet, sales leadership had to request access to. Plus, all of Jirav’s rich, accurate deal data in their HubSpot CRM sat relatively stagnant. Just waiting to be used more efficiently.

Then VP of Sales, Ryan McDonald, added QuotaPath to his team’s sales tech stack in October 2020. 

We don’t want to say all of his problems went away. But, as far as sales commissions were concerned, many of them did.  

In Jirav’s QuotaPath investment, Ryan aimed to integrate their HubSpot data so reps had real-time access into their deals, potential earnings, and commissions. He also hoped to give his RevOps controller two days’ worth of work back by automating and standardizing commission calculations. If QuotaPath could line up scheduled payouts for Jirav’s more complex selling channels, that’d be great, too. 

After a year of using our platform, Ryan reported that QuotaPath met his compensation management needs and exceeded his expectations.

“QuotaPath helped us put a system in place that I don’t have to worry about. I know commissions will get done, that they’ll be correct and that our team will have full visibility,” Ryan said.

Below, the sales leader takes us through his QuotaPath experience, including the evaluation process, onboarding, HubSpot integration, and continued implementation. 

First, what is Jirav and who is Ryan?

Launched in 2015, Jirav offers an all-in-one financial planning and analysis (FP&A) platform. They sell directly to SaaS companies and wholesale to large accounting firms. Like QuotaPath brings quota attainment and commissions into one location, Jirav feeds accounting, workforce, and operational data into a single source. This makes it easier for finance teams to generate reports and forecast revenue, expenses, and cash flows without a spreadsheet. 

The company now has more than 65 employees, 25 of whom make up the sales organization.

As for Ryan, he joined Jirav in February 2019, after previous roles at Conga, Oracle, and DocuSign, to name a few. In his role as VP of Sales, Ryan oversees Jirav’s revenue segments, which consist of sales, customer success, and partnerships. 

This translates to five quota-carrying positions across Jirav’s two selling channels: account executives, partnerships, management by objectives (MBO) solutions consultants, business development reps, and sales leadership. 

For those counting — that’s 10 different compensation plans, with half of those tied to commission payment schedules following monthly customer payments. 

Cool, but why QuotaPath?

When evaluating commission tracking tools, it came down to three things for Ryan.

“We needed a tool to integrate with HubSpot,” Ryan said. 

He also wanted technology that mirrors that of Jirav’s.

“Our platform has a low cost of ownership, plug-and-play configuration, and is easy to get up and running,” Ryan said. “It was important to me to find something that we could begin using relatively fast.”

While reviewing a competitor’s platform, Ryan said it was cost-prohibitive and time-intensive to onboard.

“It just wouldn’t have been worth the investment for our team at the time, which was five people,” Ryan said. 

However, when it came to QuotaPath, Ryan could purchase by the seat and begin using it within days of the sales agreement. 

“QuotaPath was more cost-effective, faster to implement, and easier to use,” Ryan said.  

Welcome aboard, Jirav!

Jirav’s onboarding into QuotaPath kicked in the same week of purchasing.

“The entire process was smooth,” Ryan said. “The QuotaPath team was really helpful and proactive in sharing best practices so that it’s easy to manage.”

Additionally, Jirav’s HubSpot integration worked after one call. The QuotaPath team worked closely with Ryan to ensure his teams’ comp plans were accounted for in the platform. Even those tricky ones from the wholesale channel made it in.

Instant rep visibility into commissions

One of Ryan’s biggest challenges leading up to QuotaPath was his reps’ inability to see their commissions before pay periods.

“QuotaPath solved the commission visibility problem right away,” Ryan said.

By setting up rules, Ryan’s team can now see the deals they’ll be compensated for three weeks ahead of payday.

“That allows them to reach out if something looks off and for us to fix it well ahead of the payroll cycle,” Ryan said. 

But the commission questions have been minimal since everything is visible to reps, chalking up another benefit for Ryan specifically. 

“As a leader, I no longer have to have conversations about problems with their commission structures,” Ryan said. “Those conversations can add up and aren’t super productive. QuotaPath has saved us a lot of time there.”

HubSpot haven

What has also helped keep commission questions at bay is the accuracy of the deal data. 

Thanks to QuotaPath’s integration with HubSpot, Ryan described it as a relief to not have to worry about flawed data. 

“When I log in as a manager and look at my centralized view of deals that are closing, deals mapping through to each reps’ commissions, and every reps’ quota progress, I can trust that the data will be there and correct because it’s feeding over from HubSpot,” Ryan said. 

Ultimately, the leader said the HubSpot integration has saved time and provided peace of mind.

“I no longer have to chase a spreadsheet around if I have a question,” Ryan said. “Instead, I pull up QuotaPath and have an answer in less than a minute.”

Plus, with our latest HubSpot integration update, he and his reps can now see QuotaPath without leaving HubSpot.

Quarterly Spiffs

Prior to using QuotaPath, when Ryan introduced spiffs every quarter, his reps had to record their qualified wins by hand. Jirav’s RevOps controller also had to manually track spiffs for the entire team in a spreadsheet.

Not only was this process slow, but it was also error-prone.

But with QuotaPath, adding, tracking, and paying out spiffs became significantly easier.

“As sales leaders, we’re always looking for ways to incentivize our teams,” Ryan said. “To have the ability to quickly throw in ad-hoc spiffs into QuotaPath without having to change comp plans has been a big benefit.” 

One spiff, for instance, included a recurring quarterly bonus for BDRs after they reach a percentage of quota attainment. Another spiff offered 1.5 times quota relief on end-of-quarter deals to help reps achieve their quarterly goals. 

Ryan has since leveraged QuotaPath’s spiff data to help build compensation plans with the CEO’s support.

A story to be continued

After a successful first-year implementation with QuotaPath, Jirav recently renewed its subscription. They will continue to experience commission transparency, trusted data, flexible compensation planning, and time savings.

And, they can also look forward to some new features coming soon — wink!

If you would like to see wins at your organization similar to Jirav’s, schedule a time to chat with a teammember. 

Updated on November, 2021

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