How Guru created a best-in-class commission experience for 40+ reps

Guru is a knowledge management software.

They help different departments within a company wrangle disparate sources of internal company knowledge into one central place. Their motto is, “the place where knowledge finds you.”


Sales Reps


Teams Using QuotaPath



May 2020

Joined QuotaPath


‘We got burned by our last solution.’

We hear this a lot and it sucks. Especially when implementation is long and costly and the livelihood of sales reps relies on accurate commissions. This is what happened to Guru.

  • Large number of errors
  • Inflexible and unintuitive system for admins to manage
  • Lack of clarity for reps
  • No real-time transparency
  • Lack of vendor support

This is Alan.

He’s the Customer Experience Operations Specialist and works on the Revenue Ops team. He optimizes workflows, implements new systems, and is the go-to guy for all the tools in Guru’s tech stack. When he’s not serving the CX team, he’s also in charge of running commissions for the sales team.

Because of the poor experience they had with their previous vendor, Guru started exploring other tools. Creating a long-lasting partnership was important to Guru. They wanted the best experience possible for their team.


All the information they need to run commissions, right at their fingertips

After seeing how clean the interface is and how simply metrics were put in front of everyone, they knew QuotaPath would be a partner that could scale with them. They were sick of having to dig through Excel files, reports and manually pull disparate info. Now everyone has quick access to their performance and Admins can easily switch between team attainment and earnings from quarter to quarter.

Tightening up the end-to-end commission process

Instead of having to export reports from Salesforce, combine them into one spreadsheet, build pivot tables, and use the Lookup function, now all Alan has to do is export data from QuotaPath, do a quick crosscheck, and he’s ready to run commissions. The thing that takes the longest is scheduling review meetings with managers.

“Time-savings is by far the #1 thing that QuotaPath helps me out with.”

Guru has 42 reps using QuotaPath, spanning different functions on the GTM and Sales Team

Account Development Reps

Measured on first response time

Outbound Reps

Comped on the # of demo calls they complete each month

Account Executives

Comped on revenue of deals closed & renewals

Account Managers

Comped on accounts renewed & upsells

Sales Engineers

Comped for any opps they help with that close


Less oversight & error resolution

Guru has a dedicated Slack channel called #RevOpsQuestions where reps can field any questions they may have about opportunities, deals, commissions, and outstanding payouts.

With all the complexities and automation of their backend systems, the commission process can get frustrating.

Since using QuotaPath, Alan has noticed that the need to fix issues has been greatly reduced. Reps and managers have fewer questions. Everyone has transparency into the same data. Anyone can spot-check potential issues with deals and earnings.

Visibility into individual & team quota attainment

Alan’s favorite feature is being able to track team attainment. He likes that he can easily switch between teams and filter down to a specific time period. Instead of having to wait on reports or look in Salesforce, he can see individual and team comp plans and deals all in one shot.

Can easily override payout amounts without opening a clunky CRM

Deal fatigue is real when you’re managing hundreds of deals each month. QuotaPath helps Alan catch small nuanced mistakes in Salesforce opportunities that he may not otherwise notice. Now Alan spends way less time in Salesforce and he loves it. Whenever he needs to update an earnings amount, he can do it where he’s already spending time.

“I look forward to commissions now, as weird as that may sound. QuotaPath helps me track our team’s monthly commissions easily.”

“Brandon is the best person I’ve worked with out of all the vendors I’ve had. He’s proactive, willing to get in the weeds and do the heavy lifting if needed, and he’s completely reliable.”

— Alan, CX Operations Specialist

Level up the commission experience for your team

Your team deserves the best, especially when it’s this easy.

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