How QuotaPath’s HubSpot integration immediately helped Jirav’s sales team


Jirav and QuotaPath share a lot in common.

We are both on a quest to replace manual spreadsheets with intuitive technology. Although Jirav has a few years on us, having launched its financial planning and analysis platform in 2015.


Sales Reps


Teams Using QuotaPath




CRM Integration


“We couldn’t give sales reps visibility fast enough into their commissions.”

An all too common problem when companies rely on a spreadsheet.

At Jirav, this led to:

  • Little time for reps to reconcile their commissions and ask questions
  • Compensation errors 
  • An absence of transparency
  • Sales fatigue

This is Ryan.

He’s the VP of Sales and Business Development and Jirav’s 12th employee. Since Ryan joined in February 2019, Jirav has scaled to 65 employees. Ryan’s revenue team makes up 25 of those across sales, customer success, and partnerships.


One call HubSpot integration

Jirav’s financial planning and analysis platform prides itself on having a low cost of ownership, plug-and-play configuration, and easy onboarding. So, it only made sense that Ryan and co. wanted and expected the same from a compensation management tool. With QuotaPath, they found that and more. QuotaPath fully onboarded Ryan’s team with the HubSpot integration in just a couple of days after signing the sales agreement.

“We had a super easy experience configuring our HubSpot account. It took one call, and it worked,” Ryan said.

“Adios, giant time suck!” — Jirav Finance & Accounting Teams, probably

Jirvav’s revenue organization sells across two channels: a direct model to VC-funded companies, growth companies and finance teams; and a wholesale model to large accounting firms. While compensation for the direct business model is straightforward, in the accounting wholesale channel, compensation payouts grow more complex since customers can pay monthly. With the adoption of QuotaPath, wholesale reps gained clear visibility into their quota attainment and payment schedules. A bonus, Jirav’s finance and accounting team got a day of time back.

“QuotaPath has saved us a ton of time,” Ryan said. “It would take a full day for someone to manage our wholesale channel’s payouts without QuotaPath.”

Gettin’ spiffy with it

To motivate and incentivize reps, Ryan drops quarterly spiffs. Before QuotaPath, he and his team relied on finance to keep track of spiff wins via a spreadsheet, while his reps did their own manual tracking on the notepads atop their desks. When QuotaPath came into their lives, Ryan gained the ability to quickly add ad hoc spiffs. Sales, too, could follow live updates in their Workspaces, while finance could sit back and watch QuotaPath automate spiff calculations.

“With QuotaPath, management can quickly shift comp models to move their sales teams closer toward quota attainment,” Ryan said.

In data we trust

QuotaPath provided Ryan with a centralized, manager’s point of view into quota attainments across his sales team. This has also made it easier for the sales leader to follow deals and their respective commissions. The best part for him though is the ability to fully trust the HubSpot data that’s feeding through QuotaPath.

“That’s why the HubSpot integration is so important,” said Ryan. “I can trust the accuracy of the data.”


“QuotaPath solved our commission’s visibility problem right away,” Ryan said.

After Ryan set up payment rules, Jirav reps could see their upcoming compensation payouts three weeks ahead of when commissions would hit their bank accounts. This gave reps plenty of time to identify if something looked off and the finance and accounting teams enough notice to fix any errors ahead of the payroll cycle. 

But it wasn’t just the reps who won with QuotaPath — Ryan did too. 

“As a leader, I no longer have to have conversations about problems with their commission structures,” Ryan said. “Those conversations can add up and aren’t super productive. QuotaPath has saved us a lot of time around that.”

“If there ever is a question on commissions, I can immediately jump into QuotaPath and address it versus having to chase someone down from finance and accounting to review a spreadsheet that I don’t have access to.”

— Ryan, VP of Sales and Business Development

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