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Newchip improves HubSpot CRM hygiene after integrating with QuotaPath

Amid steep competition, QuotaPath wins Newchip’s business for feature-rich platform, commission forecasting, and more.


Newchip, an Austin-based global remote startup accelerator, added QuotaPath to its sales tech stack in September 2022. Within 4 weeks, Newchip’s 80-person revenue team was fully onboarded. Assistant Director of Revenue Operations Matthew Perlman shared his buyer and onboarding experience — and some wins he’s already picked up on.

“Our sales reps are much better about updating their deals in HubSpot knowing it allows them to forecast their earnings more accurately in QuotaPath.”

– Matthew Perlman, Assistant Director of Revenue Operations at Newchip

Automated commission tracking for a team of 80


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HubSpot integration

Matthew Perlman Assistant Director of RevOps at Newchip

Saying “goodbye” to manual commission auditing

After running a commission audit for the fourth time last summer out of Google Sheets, a process that takes around 8 hours per audit, Matthew snapped.

“I told our CEO, ‘I can’t keep doing this. It’s taking up way too much of mine and my team’s bandwidth,’” Matthew said.

That’s when he began to shop around.

Spiff vs. CaptivateIQ vs. Commissionly vs. QuotaPath

Matthew learned early on while evaluating different solutions that none of the four platforms, QuotaPath included, could support Newchip’s antiquated compensation plans.

But QuotaPath offered something the others didn’t: free compensation strategy support.

Two weeks after demoing the product, Matthew met with QuotaPath Chief of Staff Graham Collins to talk through plans.

On the call, they hashed out details of structures applicable to sales reps and leadership including:

  • On-target earnings
  • Variable vs. base pay split
  • Desired ROI
  • Retroactive vs. nonretroactive tiers

“We chose QuotaPath because they were willing to work with us so much. The platform itself was fairly priced and is feature rich — especially the pipeline forecasting functionalities and the HubSpot integration.”

– Matthew Perlman, Newchip

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runZero started their onboarding with QuotaPath four days post signing the contract agreement.

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Best sales commission software comparison chart Best sales commission software comparison chart
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“Patty Williams was the most helpful onboarding specialist that I’ve ever worked with. She was amazing. Hyper flexible, hyper responsive.

I’ve never experienced that degree of helpfulness which was so important for me because dealing with people’s pay is a sensitive issue and something you don’t want to get wrong.”

– Matthew Perlman, Newchip

Newchip’s results with QuotaPath’s compensation management software:

Not a full month has passed yet since completing QuotaPath’s onboarding, but Matthew has already noticed an increase in CRM hygiene and compensation transparency.

“Just yesterday, a BDR told me how much the other reps are loving it because of how easy QuotaPath is to use from the rep side,” Matthew said.

Plus, with a commission audit approaching, he looks forward to saving 8 hours through automation versus manually auditing every deal.

For Newchip, QuotaPath provides:

  • Straight-line forecasting into earnings, pace, and attainment
  • Automated commission auditing
  • Granular views into rep and team goals
  • Translatable views from HubSpot
  • An unforgettable and timely onboarding process

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OSG achieved record sales in three months with QuotaPath while cutting total monthly commission calculation time to three hours.

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