Getting crafty with comp plans to maximize revenue efficiency

11am CT on Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Nearly every board right now is calling for improved efficiency within the organizations they oversee. So, where do you start?

Your sales compensation plan is an often overlooked, yet impactful, efficiency lever to pull amid an unpredictable market.

Join us in this upcoming webinar to explore innovative compensation tactics optimized for today’s economic landscape. Our speakers will share how to ensure your plans align and support this year’s business objectives and how to adjust them if misalignment exists.

Attendees will leave the session with:

  • Next steps for checking comp plan alignment to business goals
  • How to determine if you’re spending too much time on sales commissions
  • Suggested compensation structures that build efficiencies and drive growth
  • Free resources and compensation templates to test plan builds

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Meet our speakers

Ryan Milligan, Sr. Director of Revenue Operations

Passionate about connecting systems together, building scalable processes, and geeking out on SQL. Previously led marketing operations and revenue operations at Homebase, and worked on Wayfair’s Data Science team.

Ryan Macia, VP of Finance

Finance leader with 11+ years of expertise developing scalable, data-driven financial operating models and reporting to support executive level planning and decision-making.