Release Notes

May 2019

Features & enhancements:

Release of Plan Sharing: You can now share QuotaPath Plans with others in your Workspace. This is helpful for speedy new hire onboarding and team alignment.

  • Shared Plans can be saved for later review, stored in My Plans to track Earnings and Attainment, or kept in the Sandbox as a draft or template.
  • Read more about it here.

Forecasting improvements: We’ve made visual updates to enhance the way Forecasting is presented when in use. Now when you see the blue charts, graphs, and pills, you know you’re forecasting deals in Pipeline stage.

Removal of Payments: The Payments Dashboard wasn’t getting the love that it deserved, so we’ve removed it from the app. It will return someday – bigger and better than ever.

Quick links to all of your Workspaces: Never go searching for the Workspaces you belong to. Easily access and toggle between the Workspaces that are known to your device and browser session. Your Workspaces will be visible in the ‘more menu’ dropdown at the top right hand corner of the app and on the login screen.


Paths with Single-Rate Bonuses: We made it faster to set up paths with no quota and a single-rate bonus or commission structure by removing unnecessary questions about time frame.

Existing quota selector in Plan Builder: When selecting an existing quota for a given Variable Path, the app was indicating a different quota than selected. Rest assured – the correct quota is now being displayed.

Monthly-Changing Quotas: When creating earnings rules that change every month, we’d accidentally skipped over May 2019. Sorry, Tauruses!

Incorrect Path summaries: We fixed display issues assigning the wrong value in path summaries. No more problems swapping dollars, numbers, or percentages.

Attainment-Based, Multi-Rate Bonuses: We’ve made it easier to define multiple-rate bonuses by adding labels that help you understand how your attainment-based bonus rate is being calculated.