Release Notes

July 2020

Features & enhancements:
Bulk Deal Upload
Release of Bulk Deal Upload: You can now bulk create deals through a custom import. Time-saving for those who manage multiple members and plans who don’t utilize Salesforce.
Job Role Selection
Job role selection: What’s your job title? We’ve created a standardized list of job titles to choose from when you create your profile or in Settings. This helps us create a more custom experience for you!
Salesforce Deals
Salesforce-synced deals: If you use Salesforce as your CRM, now when you delete a deal in SFDC, it will delete it from QuotaPath. It’s neither here nor there.

Forecasting displaying incorrect results: When toggling “Forecast Pipeline” on the Earnings Dashboard, the numerical value of $0 was showing up. We know you’re forecasted to make more than that! This one was on us.

Expanded Earnings Detail View: We love being able to provide users with granular insights into their earnings. However, there was a bug that was causing the total earnings amount to display on each Path instead of the correct per Path earnings amount.

Single Sign-On login destination: When logging in via SSO to head to the Checkout page, users were incorrectly taken to the Earnings Dashboard.

Lack of feedback during sign up: We improved the error messaging to provide more feedback when a user creates a Workspace name during sign up.

Timeframe filter issues: Creating a custom date range was preventing users from going back and editing the time frame filter.

June 2020

Features & enhancements:
Performance improvements
Performance improvements: Have you noticed how zippy the app has been lately? We’ve made a ton of speed and performance updates. We prefer to live life in the fast lane.
Team goals
Team goals: We added a level of control and security when setting and editing custom goals for a team. Now only Managers and Team Owners can edit team-wide goals.

Assigning members to Official Plans: We fixed a syncing issue where deals weren’t being pulled in from SFDC due to a bug with an assignee’s start and end dates.

Adding a deal: Adding in your team’s comp plans is the first step in getting the most out of QuotaPath. We now made it so that Admins can’t yet add deals if they haven’t built out comp plans.

Page refresh issues: We fixed a myriad of bugs that were causing you to have to refresh the page in order for data to load or display properly.

Adding more than one Path: Mac users know this as the “spinning wheel of death.” A permanent loading screen was prohibiting you from saving a second Path.

Email whitelisting: Our system was incorrectly auto-correcting emails to capitalize certain letters. We fixed this issue and now all emails are no longer case sensitive.

Sorting deals on Deals page: This one is pretty straightforward! We fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing you to sort columns on the Deals page properly.

Issue when exporting Admin Deals: When exporting deal data to a .CSV, all stages were included even if you had selected to export deals in a certain stage.

May 2020

Features & enhancements:
Custom Fiscal Period
Support for Custom Fiscal Periods: Does your organization use offset fiscal quarters? If so, we now handle that! Just head to Settings to set your company’s custom fiscal year to match your company’s calendar.

Inviting members to Workspace from Members page: We fixed a bug that was only allowing Workspace Owners to invite members. We put the power back into non-Owner’s hands, so now y’all can get out there and let your colleagues in on QuotaPath’s greatness.

Salesforce mapping issues: There were some issues when trying to send a plan with Salesforce mappings attached. Plans in the “Sent to Me” section on the Plans page were not indicating a connection or a prompt to integrate. We also fixed an issue with Owner Filters.

Plans in the “Sandbox” section: We removed the ability to add and handle integrations when a plan is moved from “My Plans” to “Sandbox”. Don’t worry, you still have the ability to promote any plans back to My Plans to manage integrations.

Salesforce field value during integration: This was a complicated backend issue that us non-engineers don’t need to worry about understanding. Rest assured that all the parent object field values are working properly.

Saving and adding deals: You add a deal. You save and add another. The deal you tried to save is not actually saving. What?! This was a form issue that’s now fixed!

April 2020

Features & enhancements:
Deals page
Release of the Deals page: We added a new page on the main navigation: Introducing Deals! Whether you’re managing 10 or 10,000 deals, the Deals page offers more flexibility for reporting, filtering, and mass editing.
Negative Deal values
Support for negative deal values: For those who handle clawbacks with negative deal values, you’re gonna love this! You can now create deals with negative deal values or override existing deals so that your earnings are reflected appropriately.
Plan summary step
New plan summary step and tooltips: We updated the layout on the plan summary page and included new educational tooltips and prompts for making sure you get the most out of QuotaPath. If you have a plan that you’d like to share or assign members to, it’s now easier than ever!

Mapping issues when syncing Salesforce: There were some filtering issues that were preventing successful data import. We fixed the boolean values in the Salesforce wizard so the right results are now returned.

Suspended member removal: Members who have been suspended no longer appear on plan assignment and can no longer receive sent plans. You can still see their historical contributions on team attainment views and on the Members page.

No explanation for Salesforce connection error: The modal for when a user reaches their API limit due to Salesforce permissions was not displaying, causing confusion as to why deals weren’t syncing. Sorry y’all!

Issues with deal editing: When you tried to edit a newly created deal, the Path selection and deal value was not populating in the deal table, causing you to have to re-enter it.

Shared quotas during plan creation: When creating a new plan with multiple Paths, quotas from Path 1 weren’t displaying in Path 2. We fixed this so you can now share quotas between Paths like originally intended.

Custom date ranges on .CSV export: When filtering custom date ranges for a set of deals, the filters were not exporting properly when downloaded to a .CSV file.

Updated member email addresses: We fixed a pesky bug that was preventing users with updated email addresses (set by the Workspace owner) from logging in.

Dropdown menu in plan creation: The dropdown menu for field type was defaulting to an error state when creating a new plan. We fixed some validation issues and this now fixed!

March 2020

Features & enhancements:
Plan duplication
Release of plan duplication: A plan so nice you need it twice! Now you can easily duplicate a comp plan in QuotaPath. Great for organizations that have lots of varying comp plans. Now you can simply duplicate, tweak, and send to your team.
Single Sign-On
Easier log in with Single Sign-On: SSO streamlines log in and makes it more secure. Use your G-Suite or Salesforce credentials to sign in to your QuotaPath account in one click. Never play the old ‘forgot password’ game.
Updated brand colors
Updated brand colors for color accessibility: We updated all data visualization colors in the app. The new colors provide maximum contrast making them more easily viewable by folks with color vision deficiencies. Also not to mention, they really add a nice pop.
Member details
New support for editing member details: Workspace owners now have the ability to edit member details like associated plan names, dates and Path names. Members will also recieve an email notification when someone makes edits to their account.
Custom time filters
New custom time frame filters: We improved our time frame filter to make it easier to view data within a selected period of time. Filter earnings, attainment, and deal data by month, quarter, year, or any custom date range. Makes reporting a breeze!
Salesforce mapping
Optional mapping for Closed/Lost and Pipeline deals: When syncing your Salesforce, you now have the option to exclude pulling in deals in Closed/Lost or Pipeline stage if you don’t want them displayed in QuotaPath.
Salesforce synd
Improved error message during Salesforce sync: We added a more meaningful error message that displays when you’re close to reaching your organization’s API limit during the Salesforce sync.

To-Do goals on Goal Tracker Card: In MyPath, your To-Do list is dynamically populated on the Goal Tracker Card. It’s a handy way to track progress towards completing your goals, however, there was a bug that was not updating progess unless refreshing the page.

Invite members to Workspace drawer: Another refresh issue! When you invited people to join your Workspace using the drawer, those folks weren’t showing up as pending until you refreshed the page.

Exporting data via .CSV: There was a duplication issue when exporting team data that was showing separate line items for any deal that contributed to multiple Paths. This is now fixed to only display a deal one time regardless of how many Paths it is associated with.

“Datetime” fields for deal mapping in Salesforce: Any mapping that specified dates in Salesforce wasn’t working properly, but you can bet they are now!

Owner filter in Salesforce sync: Changing the owner filter in Salesforce before deleting the previous owner prevented deals from getting updated. Wait a tick… this doesn’t make sense. We know, so we made it more intuitive when updating deal owners during the Salesforce sync.

February 2020

Features & enhancements:
Export .CSV
Easily export earnings and attainment data: Many of you have been asking for this! Export data as a .CSV so you can easily pull reports on team performance. The data displays nicely in Excel and other platforms so you can make it work for you.
Salesforce Integration
Salesforce integration enhancements: “Okay, got it!” — The name of my next work memoir. Just kidding. It’s the new success message that lets you know your Salesforce sync is in progress. We also improved the Salesforce wizard Filter Step and made the filter logic smarter.
MyPath Goals
Populate goals in MyPath on the To-Do Card: Items added to the To-Do list Card in MyPath are now dynamically presented in the Goal Tracker card so that you can easily track progress towards goal completion.

Displaced header logo in navigation: The QuotaPath logo and Account Menu became displaced in certain browser sizes. This was causing interference to buttons and accessibility.

White screen displaying in the app: The Workspace and Earnings pages were displaying a white screen when performing certain actions. White is great, but let’s save it for the big day, shall we?

New Paths not showing in Plans Dashboard: When creating a new Path to an existing Plan, the Path was not displaying in the Plan details view.

Salesforce integration sync: We fixed a few bugs with the Salesforce sync, specifically in the Record Step. And we improved the legibility of the Salesforce mapper.

Mercury in Retrograde not calculating properly: Mercury was in Retrograde but the MyPath Card was saying otherwise! Tsk tsk. For all the astrology nerds out there, this is now fixed.

January 2020

Features & enhancements:
Release of MyPath
Release of MyPath: Looking for a place to set professional and personal goals, track achievements and impressive career stats, manage your to-do’s, and add a little fun to the hustle and grind? MyPath can do all that and more! It even tells you if Mercury is in Retrograde. Read all about it here.
deal table
Improvements to the deal table: The earnings detail panel has gotten a makeover! Now you can see your earnings by field and by Path. Even better, we’ll now show you all the earnings tiers that applied to that deal.
Added support for importing deals from Salesforce: Deals that have a value of $0 or 0 and are imported from Salesforce now have a one-to-one match in QuotaPath. Accurate deal data in QP = ✔️

Editing Plan details: The ability to edit dates on the Plan details modal was not working as intended. This was kinda a big deal, so we stopped what we were doing to fix it! Don’t worry baby. 🎶

Paths with changing quotas or no quotas: We fixed some weirdness that wasn’t allowing you to click that “save” button when trying to create or make edits to Paths with changing or no quotas.

Salesforce integration, styling and mapping: A handful of bugs = handfuls of O: p: p: o: r: t: u: n: i: t: y: for us to make the Salesforce integration better for you.

Whitelisting email domains: Whitelisting an email domain in Settings > receiving a success message > expecting it to work. Feels right! However, there was a bug on our end preventing this from happening. This is fixed, as well as the ability to whitelist on mobile.

December 2019

Features & enhancements:
Salesforce integration
Release of Salesforce integration: The integration you all have been asking for! Automatically import deals from your Salesforce instance into QuotaPath. Read more about it here.
deal table
Improvements to the deal tables: We love coming up with design solutions for what was once a pesky bug. You’re now able to horizontally scroll to view additional columns in the deal tables.
performance improvements
App performance improvements: In the words of Daft Punk, “Harder, better, faster, stronger.”

Inability to update password: We fixed an issue where users were not able to change their password from the Settings page. You won’t see anymore 405 notifications here!

Team Earnings filters: We removed unused cumulative value serializer fiel… we fixed a bug in which Team Earnings were not displaying for certain filter granularities.

Team creation: Did you experience any trouble when trying to create a Team in December? Our bad. We fixed this and made some enhancements while we were at it.

Paths with dependencies on other Paths: Try saying that 5 times fast. Once you’ve completed that mission, all you need to know is that this one is a bit tricky and that all Path dependencies are now fixed.

Inability to delete a Plan: If working as intended, you should be able to delete a Plan if there are no deals associated with it, however, there was a bug that was not allowing you to do that. We fixed this. All is right in the world.

November 2019

Features & enhancements:
invite Workspace member
Added support to invite a pending Workspace member to a team: Similarly to how you can share a Plan with a pending QuotaPath member, you can now invite these users to join a dedicated team. Easier to onboard with, my dear.
Enhancements to Teams: We made a bunch of yummy UX and visual improvements to Teams: Team sharing permissions, member managements, earnings dashboard, and more.
New link to Help Center in main navigation: Did you know we have a dedicated space for Help Center documentation? Now it can be easily accessed from the footer of the main navigation menu.
deactivate account
Added support to deactivate account: While we hope that you don’t, if you ever need to deactivate your account, there’s now a link to contact our Support Team to assist with this in your profile settings page.

Workspace member list on mobile: We fixed an issue in which the Workspace member list was not loading on mobile devices.

Paths with quotas that change over time: There was a form validation issue that triggered an error message and caused the inability to save a temporary Path with quotas that changed over time.

Time period filtering on Attainment graph: The daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually filters on the Attainment Dashboard graph were only letting you view by ‘month’ despite which filter you chose. It was a backend bug that’s now fixed!

Earnings rules on Plan Summary: There was a display issue where the Earnings Rules pills were not wrapping properly that we cleaned up and fixed.

October 2019

Features & enhancements:
Improvements to the Workspace page: UI/UX nerds to the front! We made design improvements to the Workspace Members and Settings pages, making it easier to navigate and invite others to join.
Enhancements to the date picker: For Plans with no set start and end date, we made everyone’s lives a little bit smoother by making the selectors more easily clickable.
Styling updates on Plan summary screen: They say style is contagious and that goes for styling updates, too. You’ll notice a visual upgrade for Plan details on the Plan Summary screen.

Misleading prompt to confirm account: We fixed a bug that was unnecessarily asking folks in an existing Workspace to re-confirm their account.

Missing deal names in deal tables: We fixed an issue where deal names were not showing up on the deals table in the Team Earnings and Attainment Dashboard. No deal, minor problem.

Display issue in Safari: When clicking “edit permissions” in a Workspace, a white screen was oddly displaying in Safari. There will be no white screens above my door… 🎶

September 2019

Features & enhancements:
App performance improvements: Do you close a lot of deals? Good for you! The Earnings and Attainment pages are zippier than ever with our new speed and performance updates. Keep closing those deals, champ.
More views in Earnings and Attainment Charts: Charts can now be viewed Annually and Quarterly in addition to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, which is great for folks who have multiple plans that span a long period of time.
Added support for localized time: QuotaPath not aligning with your time zone? Timezones are now connected to your device so that the right timezone carries with you as you travel.

Error in Path selection: When editing a deal, the system was sending an error message that made you de- and re-select the path that the deal belonged to. It was a cause for confusion, we know. It’s now fixed!

Quarterly bonus in Earnings: We fixed a bug for those with milestone-based Paths set as their Earnings rule, where quarterly bonuses weren’t displaying properly.

Error when setting Team Goals: If you have a team goal with over six digits, you may have experienced an error when trying to save your goal. Any numerical value with 7+ digits is now supported. I got $999,999 problems but this ain’t one.

August 2019

Features & enhancements:
Release of Teams, for managers: Ready to add some excitement and drive to your sales team? Now you can motivate your reps and align everyone on earnings and attainment inside of QuotaPath. Get a comprehensive understanding and visibility at a birds-eye view. Read all about it here.
Improved validation in forms: We want to make filling out forms in QuotaPath as easy as possible for you, so we’re offering better feedback. Now you’ll see an error state that lets you know when something is entered incorrectly. Hey, we’re all out here just trying to seek a little validation.

Added margins for Intercom chat: We made space for the Intercom chat bubble in the bottom right corner to make sure that it doesn’t disrupt your workflow or block any buttons on mobile and desktop.

Improved filter persistence when forecasting: Last month, we made it easier to filter down displays on the Earnings and Attainment Dashboard. This month, we fixed a bug when you switch filters in the forecasting view.

July 2019

Features & enhancements:
Release of Teams: Sales teams unite! You can now create teams in QuotaPath. Members can join a team and share attainment data across multiple plans to view at-a-glance leaderboards of team attainment.
Added email domains: Inviting others to your Workspace got easier. Workspace Owners can whitelist email domains so that team members can gain access directly from the “Join Workspace” page.
Support for bigger deal calculations and values: For those who get compensated at the thousandth percentile, we see you. QuotaPath can now support deal values with up to six decimal points. Big Deal Energy.
Filter persistence on Earnings and Attainment Dashboard: By default, we aggregate all plans to display in both dashboards. If you decide to filter down further by either plan and/or time frame, you can now toggle back and forth between dashboards and your filter selection stays in view. Sticky filters, not fingers.
Added ability to refer a friend: Loving QuotaPath? Let your friends in on it, too! You can now refer others outside of your Workspace to join QuotaPath. Click the menu from your avatar to head to the “Refer a friend” section. Send a sweet note to tell them what they’re missing.
Manage Plan Dashboard improvements: We did some visual housekeeping and made a few tweaks to the page layout that makes this view cleaner and more intuitive.

Spaces in Workspace name: We fixed an issue where accidental spaces in Workspace names were preventing you from logging in successfully. It wasn’t you, it was us.

Incorrect deal date display on shared plans: When receiving a shared plan, the app was applying “today” as the start date. This caused issues if you tried to back-fill deals with dates that pre-dated entry. We made some improvements so that the recipient has control of adding the correct deal date.

Adding deals outside of temporary paths date range: We won’t lie… this bug is a bit complicated. Rest assured your deal dates now match up to the right paths and are correctly displaying in Earnings and Attainment.

Paths with the same name: We fixed a bug that was causing filtering issues to the graph on the Attainment Dashboard with plans with shared names.

June 2019

Features & enhancements:
Enhanced support for multiple plans: Now you can filter and aggregate data across multiple Plans in the Earnings and Attainment Dashboards.
Added account settings: Head to the “Account Settings” section from the main navigation bar or click the link from the ‘more menu’ dropdown beside your user avatar to update account details like name, job title, managerial status, and password.
Improved login flow for newly invited QuotaPath users: We added a nifty little authentication token to the Workspace invitation email so that invitees joining via email will be confirmed after registering their account credentials.

Improved Firefox support: If you’ve been dodging QuotaPath in Firefox, rest assured. You can now see path swatches clearly and you no longer have to create an exception to get past scary security warnings.

‘Percentage of total earnings’ calculation in expanded earnings details: For Earnings Dashboard views spanning multiple plans, the earnings detail calculation for a given deal was displaying an infinity symbol for ‘percentage of total earnings.’ There’s a time and a place for infinity symbols (like you and your girlfriend’s matching ∞ tattoos), but it’s not here!

Deal table checkbox selector: We’ve fixed multiple issues affecting desktop and mobile functionality for the “select all deals” checkboxes on Earnings and Attainment deal tables.

Premature session timeout: For those of you who checked “keep me logged in” but got kicked out, whoops! Our bad. Browser sessions will now keep you logged in upon request. When your session expires, we’ll prompt you to log back in.

Y-axes values in Earnings and Attainment charts: We’ve made it easier to define multiple-rate bonuses by adding labels that help you understand how your attainment-based bonus rate is being calculated.

Minor improvements to the date picker: We’re on a mission to remove frustrations with the date picker. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re working on it! For now, we’ve stopped Chrome from auto-filling your email address in our form fields.

May 2019

Features & enhancements:
Release of Plan Sharing: You can now share QuotaPath Plans with others in your Workspace. This is helpful for speedy new hire onboarding and team alignment.

  • Shared Plans can be saved for later review, stored in My Plans to track Earnings and Attainment, or kept in the Sandbox as a draft or template.
  • Read more about it here.
Forecasting improvements: We’ve made visual updates to enhance the way Forecasting is presented when in use. Now when you see the blue charts, graphs, and pills, you know you’re forecasting deals in Pipeline stage.
Removal of Payments: The Payments Dashboard wasn’t getting the love that it deserved, so we’ve removed it from the app. It will return someday – bigger and better than ever.
Quick links to all of your Workspaces: Never go searching for the Workspaces you belong to. Easily access and toggle between the Workspaces that are known to your device and browser session. Your Workspaces will be visible in the ‘more menu’ dropdown at the top right hand corner of the app and on the login screen.

Paths with Single-Rate Bonuses: We made it faster to set up paths with no quota and a single-rate bonus or commission structure by removing unnecessary questions about time frame.

Existing quota selector in Plan Builder: When selecting an existing quota for a given Variable Path, the app was indicating a different quota than selected. Rest assured – the correct quota is now being displayed.

Monthly-Changing Quotas: When creating earnings rules that change every month, we’d accidentally skipped over May 2019. Sorry, Tauruses!

Incorrect Path summaries: We fixed display issues assigning the wrong value in path summaries. No more problems swapping dollars, numbers, or percentages.

Attainment-Based, Multi-Rate Bonuses: We’ve made it easier to define multiple-rate bonuses by adding labels that help you understand how your attainment-based bonus rate is being calculated.