WEBINAR ON JANUARY 11, 2024 AT 12 PM ET SKO Playbook for Revenue Growth: Align Your Team for 2024

SKOs are all about building momentum and motivation for the year ahead. What's motivating for a sales rep? Getting paid.

In this webinar, co-hosted by QuotaPath and Stage 2 Capital, learn SKO best practices, strategies and sessions, including how to rollout new comp plans, from veteran CROs. You'll take away:

  • How to communicate your upcoming comp plan changes over time
  • What your SKO's dedicated session on comp should include
  • Best practices following your SKO to ensure your reps understand their plans

Meet the experts

Hayden Stafford
President & CRO, Seismic
Steve Goldberg
CRO, Salesloft
Sara Strope
CMO, QuotaPath
AJ Bruno
Founder & CEO, QuotaPath

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