More sales, fewer spreadsheets

QuotaPath is the most adaptable compensation solution for sales reps to finance to everyone in between. Ditch spreadsheets or other tools for a stress-free way to track and pay commissions.

So easy to onboard, it'll be running before your next commission cycle

Spreadsheets be gone

A formula-free, automated approach that integrates with your CRM. We handle all the calculations and tricky logic. 

Flexible & fast commissions

Easily design, build, and assign comp plans. When comp plans change, we change with them… in minutes.

Granular earnings details

See a real-time view of earnings and closed deals to date. Drill down into deals to understand rates, tiers, bonuses, and accelerators.

Forecast pipeline to maximize earnings potential

Forecast and visualize which deals will help to achieve quota and push to the next accelerator.

Onboarding that takes hours, not weeks

Never rely on us to update comp plans throughout the year as your team scales. Experience immediate time to value.

Don't break the budget

Transparent pricing with no additional fees or minimum contract value. The most cost-efficient commission software out there.

Make compensation work for your team

Adaptable, accurate commission tracking that’s built to scale. Make on-the-fly or proactive updates as comp plans change. Save hours every month by investing in a solution that grows with your team.

Building trust across quota-carrying teams