Automated commission tracking

Don’t dread the commission process. Ditch spreadsheets and formulas and let's simplify commission calculation. Save your fiscal budget thousands in cost and time. Set up takes minutes, not months.

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Sign up, it’s free

Built for

Understand earnings

Built with a sales-first mentality, we provide a full understanding of earnings and quotas. Forecasting lets sales reps see potential earnings from pipeline deals.

Stay focused on selling

Reps have access to a personal dashboard to visualize earnings and attainment in real-time. Knowing where to focus efforts means closing more deals.

Reduce time & costs

Enterprise solutions hurting your budget? Eliminate the excess cost, reduce mistakes, and automate commissions for your team.

Flexibility & control over commissions

Admin controls to create official comp plans, manually override deals, and manage members. Data is always clean and accurate.

Integrations that are simple & intuitive

Easily connect to your existing tools. Automatically sync important deal data with real-time CRM integrations. Free and seamless.

Team motivation & alignment

Use actionable data to align and coach teams. Team earnings and attainment views help keep a pulse on performance, at-a-glance.

Total Earnings
Total Earnings
Total Earnings
$47,000 + $18,500

Flexible platform, easy setup, motivated team

With self-onboarding, you can easily add the entire team to match your org structure. No spreadsheets, formulas, or implementation fees. Companies see an average onboarding time of 28 minutes. Align the whole team and celebrate wins together all while saving costs.

Build & maintain complex comp plans

QuotaPath’s Plan Builder supports over 90% of comp plan structures. Whether your team gets comped on revenue, demos, widgets, or other custom values, we can handle it.

  • Flat-rate commissions
  • Tiered commissions
  • Accelerators
  • Milestone bonuses
  • And more

Bring confidence & control to commissions

Measure with confidence, trust in data accuracy, eliminate errors. Distribute comp plans to the right people and make adjustments as plans evolve. Rest assured knowing that your commissions are accurate.

A fresh solution for sales teams

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