STRIKE SUCCESS IN 2024 Deliver motivation and visibility at your SKO

Communicating new comp plans at your SKO is an essential step in ensuring your team understands goals, and how they will be paid. Prepare yourself by reading our guide, attending our webinar, and bowling with us in person in Q1.

The SKO Playbook for Revenue Growth: Aligning Your Team for 2024

You’ve put thought and care into designing compensation plans that are simple, logical, and fair. Learn from our CRO panel on how to roll out plans, quotas, targets and leaderboards to your team.

Join revenue leaders in striking SKO success in 2024

Grab your bowling shoes! Meet us in a city near you to bowl, snack, and cheers as we discuss the path to success in 2024.

Prepare to launch your comp plans

We curated our best resources to help you design, rollout, and effectively manage your comp plans. And the time to do it? Your SKO.

SKO Guide: Mastering Sales Kickoff Excellence

With this playbook you'll, learn what it takes to strike success at your sales kickoff — including how to get your sales team hyped for the year ahead (and their new comp plans).

Report: Solving the Biggest Sales Compensation Challenges

Insights from 450 RevOps, Finance and Sales leaders on how to ensure compensation plans align to business goals, motivate sales reps, and maintain simplicity in 2024.

Evaluate the Health of Your AE Comp Plans

97% of leaders admit to struggling with variable comp plans. Get actionable insights to ensure your sales compensation strategy is in top shape.

Take QuotaPath for a test drive. Build a new plan, sync your prior deal data, and get a preview of 2024 performance.