Automate Commission Tracking Smart sales commission tracking

Build and manage compensation plans in QuotaPath to streamline processes for earnings calculations, deal approvals, payments and amortization of sales commissions.

Save time, reduce errors and create accountability

QuotaPath provides scalable workflows that connect the entire team, enabling you to run your end-of-month process more efficiently and worry-free. In QuotaPath, calculate earnings in real time using direct connections to your CRMs and payment systems. Allow everyone — sales, leadership, finance, and RevOps — to see the same view and flag any discrepancies.

Reduce questions and establish trust by sending everyone to one commission tracking system for accurate data.

Connect data for accuracy

QuotaPath integrates with your sales stack to pull in the data needed for automated commission calculations in real-time. From CRM to payment systems, you can build payment calculations off various fields for flexibility on multi-year deals, renewals, demos, specific products, users, and more.

One command center for compensation

Our Home dashboard surfaces the tasks you need to complete, such as deals to approve, flags and discrepancies to resolve, and payments to schedule, so that you can quickly tackle your commission to-do list.

Plus, with performance insights, measure how well your commission plan pushes your team toward your business goals.

Earnings and payment ownership

Give your entire team the ability to own their slice of the commission workflow. When it’s time to close the books, make it easy on your commission management teams to calculate earnings, approve deals, resolve discrepancies, set payout eligibility, and schedule payments with a dashboard that presents high priority tasks workflows.

Provide reps with the ability to translate their pipeline into actual earnings and attainment through forecasted views and enable them to raise compensation questions directly in-app for fast resolution.

With QuotaPath’s commission management solutions, sales leadership also gains holistic and individual performance leaderboards to prioritize coaching and get at-a-glance views.

Case Study

Botify automated 90% of their sales compensation process

Botify planned to expand to 150 commissionable roles before recognizing how unmanageable maintaining manual commission tracking would be. Learn how Botify’s finance manager cut time spent on commissions by 50% while reducing human errors.

Efficient sales commission automation

QuotaPath automates your entire compensation flow. Invite your team to your workspace to access current earnings and payments by rep, team, deal, date and plan. 

With QuotaPath:

Flag questions 
Resolve and log discrepancies
Approve deals
Set payouts eligibilities
Schedule Payments
Amortize Commissions
Forecast Pipelines and Earnings
See real-time attainment and effective rates
View Team Leaderboards
Surface tasks for approvals, flags, discrepancies, and scheduled payments

Just 7% of Sales, RevOps, and Finance Leaders feel their comp plans drive their key business metrics.

Gain visibility into compensation

Curious how your plans are performing and how much each deal costs your business? QuotaPath shows commission earnings, average effective rate, and attainment for each comp plan. And serves up total earnings for every deal value, effective rates, and a breakdown of the reps who will receive commissions from the deal and why. These holistic metrics and views give you control over the management of your commissions, eliminating uncertainties and errors.

Spread that visibility to your sales team by allowing your reps to flag discrepancies on commission earnings directly in QuotaPath. We’ll track and store the back-and-forth and the final resolution, so you don’t have to jump to multiple places.

Seamlessly amortize commission expense

QuotaPath tracks the costs of commissions and allows you to align them with your revenue recognition. You can use QuotaPath’s path builder that builds out the different ways reps earn commissions to recognize different types of commissions, like a SPIF or bonus or commission on services, and amortize them based on the appropriate timing.

How to optimize your compensation plans

Looking to enhance your compensation plans? Standardize them. Add commission floors to your leadership structures. Close performance gaps and test future plan changes with SPIFs.

Sales Commission FAQ's

What is a sales commission?

A sales commission is an important part of sales compensation. It’s a form of variable pay and is the additional amount of money a sales representative can make on top of their base salary. It’s typically a percentage of a deal amount that a rep earns for closing that deal.

How do I structure a sales commission plan?

A typical sales commission structure includes three major parts. The first is on-target earnings (OTE), which is the amount of money a rep can expect to earn if they hit 100% of their quota. Next is quota(s). This is the amount of revenue a sales rep is expected to sell during a given period of time. And, lastly is a commission and/or a bonus. This is the percentage or set amount of money paid for closing deals.

How do I calculate commission?

There are different ways to calculate commission. For a simple compensation plan, one way is to use Excel or spreadsheets. But the best way is to use a sales commission software to provide transparency, save time, and remove mistakes. Learn more in our ebook: Your Guide to Setting, Calculating and Tracking Sales Compensation.

How do I track commissions?

To track commissions, the best way is to have a single source of truth that both sales representatives and sales leaders have visibility into. This can be done in a spreadsheet or commission tracking software. There are many benefits of tracking commissions using software, like automation and transparency.

How do I motivate my sales team?

There are a lot of ways to motivate your sales team, and it’s important to remember that each sales rep is motivated by different things. The easiest way is with money. Pay reps an appropriate amount of money and a good commission rate and they will be motivated to sell. Another way is to provide transparency into their commissions. This ensures that reps know how much they are going to get paid and where to focus their efforts, which can motivate them to close more deals.

What is a quota calculator?

A quota calculator helps you figure out what your quota should be for sales reps. Use this quota calculator to plan or calculate sales quotas and commission rates for your sales compensation plans.

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