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QuotaPath has helped hundreds of companies create and optimize sales comp plans. Use this collection of revenue operations resources to help plan and track all things sales compensation.

Reports & Guides

Guide to Mastering Sales Kick Off Excellence
Guide: Mastering Sales Kickoff Excellence

With this playbook you’ll, learn what it takes to strike success at your sales kickoff — including how to get your sales team hyped for the year ahead (and their new comp plans).

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evaluate sales compensation plans
Evaluate the Health of Your AE Comp Plans

Optimizing your compensation plans is one of the keys to your sales teams’ success. Let QuotaPath guide you to fair, strategic sales compensation plans that align with your most important…

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Report: Solving the Biggest Sales Compensation Challenges

Insights from 450 RevOps, Finance and Sales leaders on how to ensure compensation plans align to business goals, motivate sales reps, and maintain simplicity in 2024.

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Compensation Tools

Free Quota: OTE Ratio Calculator

RevOps, sales leaders, and finance teams — use our free tool to ensure your reps’ on-target earnings and quotas line up with industry standards.

Sales Compensation Calculator

Figure out how to pay your salespeople with three inputs in this simple-to-use Sales Compensation Calculator.

Build a Sales Funnel

QuotaPath’s free Sales Funnel tool informs reps and sales leaders how much activity they should log in order to hit individual and team quotas.

Free Sales Commission Calculator Template

Ask yourself 'how do I track commissions' often? Download this free commission tool to calculate commissions, manage deals, and track earnings.

Check out our webinars

We host RevOps, Finance, and Sales experts to discuss trends, challenges, and strategies of effective sales compensation.

Learning Center

Getting started with variable compensation

Building your first sales incentive structure and not where to begin? Start here with these helpful guides.

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Commission & Compensation Management

Learn how to build equitable and fair compensation plans. Curious how to design a plan for a new territory? We got that too.

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Compensation Strategy

Level up your compensation strategy with guides on SPIFs, how to incentivize renewals versus new biz, sales leadership compensation structures, and more.

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Familiarize yourself with commonly used industry compensation terms in our extensive glossary.

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