Simple, transparent pricing

Prices shown are billed annually.



per user per month

Great for automating
commissions payouts

Features included:
  • Custom Plan Building
  • Payouts
  • Self-Serve Integrations (HubSpot, Salesforce, Copper, Close, Pipedrive, or Zoho Only)
  • Up to 10 Total Users

Self-guided onboarding



per user per month

Great for building team ownership & accountability

Everything in Essential, and:
  • Team Managers & Permissions
  • Teams & Leaderboards
  • Deal Flagging & Discrepancy Resolution
  • Plan Verification
  • Multi-currency
  • Single-source Payouts Eligibility
  • Additional Self-Serve Integrations (CRMs, ERPs, Payments, and more!)
  • Ledger
  • Okta SSO
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Manager
  • Periodic best practice consultations
  • Expanded support access
Guided implementation with:

Dedicated training sessions

integrate tech stack

Integration and data configuration guidance

Average completion time of 30-60 days

One time fee of $1,500


Custom Pricing

Contact us for details

Great for optimizing your
scaling business

Everything in Growth, and:
  • Multi-Source Payouts Eligibility and support
  • Dedicated Solutions Engineer
  • Integration and data configuration management
  • Compensation plan consultations and trainings
  • Access to expert RevOps consultants
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Priority support access
Guided implementation with:

Dedicated training sessions

Solution Engineer

integrate tech stack

Integration and data configuration management

Average completion time of 60-90 days

One-time fee, starting at $2,500

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Our technical support team is here to help you when needed. Chat with us live, from 9 am to 6 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Knowledge Center

Read how-to articles and guides or watch video tutorials for all QuotaPath's features.

Live Training Sessions

Our Customer Experience team leads monthly live trainings. You can get your questions answered, and have the opportunity to learn from others in the industry.

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Schedule time to talk with our sales team about your specific needs.

What our customers are saying

“The ease to get up and running with QuotaPath was a big plus — that and QuotaPath’s real-time Salesforce integration.”

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“It was obvious that QuotaPath was going to have a manageable implementation and a more cost-efficient approach than CaptivateIQ, and QuotaPath seemed more aligned to what we were looking to do by securely integrating our data with Salesforce over Spiff.”

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“The HubSpot integration makes my life so much easier when calculating commissions and compensation. All of the data from HubSpot flowsautomaticallyinto QuotaPath, so both my reps and I can view their earnings without keeping a complicated and outdated spreadsheet.”

“A major game-changer for me is the ease in which I can onboard a new team member. With our rapid growth, efficiency and accuracy here is a must. Assigning a plan, quota, and rate in QuotaPath saves me about 30 minutes per employee.”

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How does QuotaPath’s pricing work?

Sales compensation should be transparent and so should pricing. That’s why we’re the only sales compensation management system with pricing listed on our website and no minimum contract value.


We also make it simple by pricing on a per user per month basis.


We have three packages. For smaller teams, our Essential package includes custom plan building and payouts. QuotaPath Growth unlocks ASC-606 compliant accounting of commissions, leadership attainment boards, in-app collaboration for commission discrepancies, and compensation plan sign-offs. QuotaPath Premium includes multi-source payouts eligibility and Okta SSO becomes available.


You can also trial QuotaPath for free to ensure it will work for your team. 

What is a user?

A user is anyone who logs into QuotaPath, including individual contributors, leadership, those who approve deals and payouts, and your finance team that schedules payouts or sends them to your payroll provider.

We have two primary types of users: Admins and Members. Members include individual reps and managers (in Growth and Premium there is access to additional permission set for Managers). Admins include leadership, RevOps, and finance that approve deals and schedule payouts.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) through the app. Contact our team if you need to set up alternative payment options like ACH credit transfer or paper checks.

We need to add members to our Workspace. How do we do that?

It’s easy to add members to a Workspace. For Workspace Admins and members with permissions, head to Settings > Members > and enter the emails of who you’d like to invite. You can also whitelist your domain so that all members with a shared email domain can join without an invitation.

What’s your refund policy?

If you feel as though you were incorrectly charged, contact us and we’ll help get it figured out.

How secure is QuotaPath?

We take your security and privacy seriously. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Opt-in sharing means you’re in charge of who has access to personal and company information.

Ready to elevate your compensation management process?

Use QuotaPath to build and manage your sales compensation plans.