PAY OUT ERROR REDUCTION Commission Payout Software

Eliminate commission disputes with reps and feel assured payments are correct. Implementing a commission management process reduces errors, saves time, and improves operations.

Automate payment workflows

Whether you have a revenue team of 5 or 250, you can simplify the month-end process by eliminating disparate spreadsheets and reports. QuotaPath automates compensation plan rates, deals, and payout rules.

When it’s time to pay teams, approve deals, schedule payments, run audit-ready reports, and amortize commissions through one seamless workflow.

Transparency and Control for Sales Teams

Empower Your Sales Reps

Give your reps insights into their earnings and commission progress. QuotaPath fosters accountability and motivation by providing clear visibility into compensation calculations. Reps see a breakdown of their earnings on every deal.

If something looks off, they can use our in-app dispute resolution tools to streamline communication and track its status.

Bring Clarity to Commissions

In addition to seeing deal details and automated calculations, reps can view payment eligibility rules, clawbacks, or overpayments in a user-friendly way, fostering an even greater transparent payment process across your organization.

Streamline approvals & payouts

Give everyone visibility into a earning’s approval status and customize workflows with steps for reps, managers, executives, and finance. Quickly review all the key details in one place:

  • Deal value
  • Total earnings
  • Who earned commissions and why
  • Overpayment amounts
  • Deals eligible for payment
  • Approval status

Centralized visibility, filters, and bulk actions make the process for reviewing and scheduling payouts by date, rep, team or comp plan quick and easy. Increase accuracy and audit readiness payout cycles and foster rep ownership over earnings approvals.

Avoid hidden commission costs

The changes you make to your compensation structures can set off ripple effects that aren’t immediately noticeable. Our thorough reporting arms you with the data you need to detect problems quickly before they have a lasting impact on team-wide performance.

Distribute accountability and increase payment accuracy

Integrate your CRM, payments, ERP, accounting, and invoicing systems. Reduce discrepancies and delays by giving your team visibility into these workflows and ensure alignment during payment cycles. QuotaPath allows:

Management by plan, rep or date
Deal approvals
Deal details
Payment scheduling
Deal search
Payout eligibility
Clawbacks or overpayments
Commission amortization

65% of companies have had at least one rep quit over comp discrepancies within the past 2 years.

Integration and Compliance Assurance

Comprehensive System Integration

Our integration with existing systems ensures QuotaPath fits in and functions seamlessly with your existing fintech stack. For commission payout automation, run QuotaPath with Quickbooks, Stripe, Microsoft Dynamics, and other ERPs. 
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Adhere to Financial Standards

QuotaPath helps your organization stay GAAP-compliant and includes audit-ready financial reports. With Ledger, capitalize commission payouts per ASC 340 and amortize commissions to match expenses with ASC 606 revenue recognition.

How to set sales commission payment terms

Should you pay commissions upon the deal closing or wait until the invoice is paid? Experts weigh in on what to consider when setting payment rules.

Finance and Accounting FAQs

What is a commission clawback?

A commission clawback occurs when you have already paid out a rep’s commission for a deal that is no longer valid to earn commissions. This results in a rep’s paycheck being reduced by the originally paid out commission.

What is ASC 606?

Any company that offers a deliverable, such as a good or service, is technically subject to ASC 606 guidelines. These principles were created by the FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The goal is to make it easier to compare revenue from organization to organization and even industry to industry. In other words, it’s all about simplicity and consistency.

When should I pay out commissions?

Generally commissions are either paid out when a deal is signed or when a customer or client pays. If cash flow is a concern, you may want to pay out when the client pays, but sales reps like to get paid as quickly as possible. So, if you’re trying to keep reps happy, you may want to pay when the deal is signed.

Why is revenue forecasting important?

Revenue forecasting is vital for leaders strategizing and planning out their growth models. It allows you to uncover the why, where, when, and how of sales performance and use that information to shape future management decisions.

How do you forecast revenue?

Analysts typically adopt one of four ways to forecast revenue. Two approaches feed from historical data (straight line, moving average), and the other two from observed situations (simple linear regression and multiple linear regression). The simplest to set up and understand is the straight-line method. In the straight-line method, you’ll use historical figures and trends to predict future revenue growth.

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