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Getting started with compensation plans

Whether you’re building your first sales compensation plan or modifying existing plans, use our compensation plan templates below. Auto populate commission and bonus rates based on your business numbers, balance quota to on-target earnings (OTE) ratios, and determine deals per quota period.

Once you’ve found a plan that interests you, start a free QuotaPath trial to view the template and customize it to your business metrics.

To build a plan, input your:

  • OTE
  • Base and variable pay mix
  • Company revenue
  • Average contract value
  • Annualized quota

Explore plans by role

For compensation plan examples for a different role, check below for additional templates.

Designing a commission plan

60% of reps take 3-6 months to understand how they’re paid from their compensation plans. Commission structures that perform the best are simple, logical, and fair.


Stick to a maximum of three compensation components per plan.


Ensure your plans align to business goals by rewarding behaviors that drive key business objectives.


Set fair and realistic quotas and OTEs.

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