Discover why QuotaPath is the preferred sales compensation solution

Teams feel confident in their revenue forecasts and payments when using QuotaPath. We offer the most comprehensive solution for managing sales commissions.

QuotaPath is the #1 sales commission app on HubSpot Marketplace and was voted as a G2 “High Performer”.

7 reasons why companies choose QuotaPath

Hundreds of companies trust QuotaPath to manage sales commissions because of our approach to sales compensation strategy, our comprehensive plan builder, top-tier support, and more.

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Our features go beyond commission tracking. Revenue teams trust QuotaPath to consult on their compensation strategy and implement comp plans to achieve business targets.

vs. CaptivateIQ

With QuotaPath, you’re in control and can add accelerators, SPIFs, or bonuses as needed. Plus, you can expect to run your first commission cycle within the first 60 or 90 days. CaptivateIQ customers have to rely on their account team to make updates to compensation plans.

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vs. Spiff

With QuotaPath, our integrations can be set up through self-serving, and provide real-time insight into earnings, forecasting and payments. Spiff has integrations that update 1x daily. Plus QuotaPath has transparent pricing, and the highest-rated support.

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vs. Xactly

With QuotaPath your reps get real-time visibility into commissions and pipeline forecasts which will motivate them. The visibility also helps to eliminate questions for sales, revenue operations, and finance managers. Plus, we have a goal to implement in less than 90 days.

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vs. Everstage

With QuotaPath, you get robust workflow for your entire team - not just sales. And we'll be able to scale with your business, have transparent pricing, and the highest-rated support.

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What our customers are saying on TrustRadius

“QuotaPath is a great tool with great functionality and ease of use at a reasonable price! They have a perfect Customer Experience and support and are always available for answering questions and help on plans implementations...”

“This is by far the best sales visualization tool that I have come across. The tool is extremely easy to navigate, especially in setting up quota's and evaluating performance. It is very visually attractive and integrates easily with our CRM. I would...”

QuotaPath is much more user friendly and admin friendly. Not as difficult to set up and much more flexible.

QuotaPath makes it EXTREMELY easy to set up and calculate complex compensation plans that are traditionally a nightmare to handle, management, audit, and roll out to sales teams.

It pulls the data from a google sheet that we use to process the payroll for the sales team. I like the end-to-end visibility for the team that keeps the entire organization on the same page. We always know where the team stands at the end of the mon...

QuotaPath has been extremely helpful in tracking our comp plans based on data from SFDC. It easily handles multiple complex plans, that change on an annual basis.

We use QuotaPath for our sales, customer success, and sales engineers teams that get paid on deals won in our CRM. This saves finance a lot of time from manually creating spreadsheets each month for each rep's attainment. It also gives the team visib...

We use QuotaPath to create clarity and precision in our sales compensation plan. QuotaPath greatly reduces the amount of time our small (but mighty!) RevOps org has to spend calculating commission plans, providing reps receipts, and submitting these...