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Calculating the true cost of compensation - green background featuing - hiring, onboarding, management, technology, support, and training in copy
Calculating the True Cost of Sales Compensation: Key Metrics and Considerations

Without a clear understanding of your sales compensation costs, you’re flying blind. It’s impossible to optimize your sales strategy or forecast future profitability accurately. According to Alexander Group, the cash...

inbound lead response time blue background with clock and 5 portraits
How to Drive Inbound Leads Response Times

Who needs to improve their inbound lead response strategies?  Timing is everything when it comes to qualifying inbound leads. The possibility of qualifying a prospect drops by a staggering 21X...

revops comp plans featuring sarah ditmars
A Look Inside RevOps Compensation Plans

Your go-to-market teams often earn incentive pay in addition to their base salary. If they don’t, they should (in our humble opinion).  And if your RevOps teams support your GTM...

sales compensation strategy best practices
5 Ways to Enhance Your Sales Compensation Strategy

A solid sales compensation strategy will drive revenue and your most important business metrics. It motivates your reps’ selling behaviors, receives positive feedback from your go-to-market teams, and builds loyalty...

Bonus Structure Examples, image of wheel and people clapping
Bonus Structure Examples

Companies with a well-designed sales bonus structure report 50% higher employee retention. Creating a strong plan is crucial to attract and retain top talent in the competitive SaaS industry, where...

what is incentive compensation management? green background with two people sitting and an example commission report from quotapath
What is Incentive Compensation Management?

Companies with thoughtful incentive compensation plans see an average of 22% increase in sales performance. Traditional compensation structures can leave employees feeling unmotivated and disengaged, yet aligning employee performance with...

comp plan optimization best practices
5 Ways To Optimize Your Comp Plans For Performance And Cost

Effective comp plans act as a powerful engine, driving peak performance from your team, attracting and retaining top talent, and ultimately fueling business growth. Yet 97% of RevOps, Sales, and...

parental leave policy comp plans, image of pregnant woman and calendar at work
Adjusting Comp Plans to Your Parental Leave Policy

Parental leave policies are generally lacking, especially for women in sales.  According to a study published by Moms First last summer, nearly two-thirds (60%) of moms voiced negative experiences with...

sales commission expense recognition in quotapath
Product and Tools
Sales Commission Expense Recognition: A Comprehensive Guide

Sales commission expense recognition involves many complexities. In this guide we show you how to achieve accurate recording and documentation of these costs by streamlining accounting, ensuring ASC 606 compliance,...

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