QUOTAPATH VS. CAPTIVATE IQ Choosing between QuotaPath & CaptivateIQ

Commissions impact your team’s paychecks and the company’s bottom line. Your solution should be smart and drive sales performance.


QuotaPath creates ownership and accountability

Allow everyone — sales, leadership, finance, and RevOps — to have visibility into commissions. With QuotaPath, speed up workflows and hit your financial goals more efficiently.

Build effective, intentional, and widely understood compensation plans effortlessly with our flexible plan builder without needing support. Run your end-of-month processes smarter by giving your entire team the ability to own their slice of the commission workflow.

We're a sales compensation leader

CaptivateIQ vs QuotaPath

Complex with on-going maintenance required
Easy to use and update
Requires an API to implement HubSpot
Native, real-time HubSpot integration
No free trial
Free to try
Quick to implement
Long implementation period times
Integrations with CRMs & payment / invoicing systems
Integrations with CRMs & payment / invoicing systems
Dedicated customer success specialist

Top companies choose QuotaPath

“It was obvious that QuotaPath was going to have a manageable implementation and a more cost-efficient approach than CaptivateIQ.”

Comprehensive plan builder

Simple, logical, and fair compensation plans are the most effective in driving selling behaviors that move the needle on your business targets. QuotaPath has spent years developing a plan builder that doesn’t require coding or complicated formulas. Make compensation understandable for your entire team, reduce questions, eliminate errors, and save time.

Our unique plan builder allows you to create custom compensation plans for your entire team, including BDRs, SDRs, AEs, AMs, CSMs, and anyone on a variable compensation plan tied to your sales data.

From the simplest to the most complex plan, QuotaPath gives you the control to make adjustments as your compensation plan changes and your team scales.

Build sales accountability and ownership

Give your revenue teams the opportunity to own and be accountable for their sales compensation by democratizing earnings data.

Provide them with a system to answer their own compensation-related questions by showing how their earnings are calculated and highlighting which parts of their comp plans yield the biggest earnings (like multi-year deals or deals that include ideal customer profiles).

Enable them to run what-if scenarios and visualize the impact of their pipeline from using our forecasted earnings and attainment views.

Pricing & support

Sales compensation should be transparent. So should pricing.

We’re the only sales compensation management solution with pricing listed on our website, a free trial experience, and clear implementation guidance with every package.

In addition, our robust knowledge center, product videos, live training sessions, and live chat support ensure you can get started with ease and speed.

Your all-in-one solution for sales commissions

  • Simplify calculations & ensure accurate commissions
  • Integrate your essential tools
  • Instill confidence in your reps with transparent commissions
  • Save valuable time by streamlining stakeholder processes

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