How Tribe Dynamics improved commission transparency & comp plan effectiveness

Tribe Dynamics is the leading influencer marketing analytics platform.

They help brands scale and optimize influencer programs by tracking, measuring, and managing digital earned media performance.


Sales Reps


QuotaPath Implementation

Marketing & Advertising


June 2020

Joined QuotaPath

This is Ben.

He’s the VP of Sales & Marketing at Tribe Dynamics. He’s responsible for managing and operationalizing sales, account management, marketing, and customer service teams. From acquiring and converting new customers to upsells and managing existing retention, he oversees every department that impacts revenue.


Their commission process lacked transparency & efficiency

Previously, everything was done manually using spreadsheets. When a contract was signed, Ben would calculate the ACV in Excel. He had a tab for each rep that he used to calculate commissions at the end of each month. From there, he’d send it to payroll. The sales team had access to the spreadsheet, but they weren’t able to verify what they’d earned until they received their check. If anything was incorrect, they had to make up for it on a later paycheck.

They were manually calculating complex comp plans using spreadsheets

Ben self identifies as a lot of things – sales leader, revenue operations, and ex-product manager – but one thing he says he is not is a mathematician. Ben was manually calculating his team’s old commission plans, which had a lot of variable components like kickers and incentives. The risk of error was high.

Tribe Dynamics needed an affordable tool that integrated with their HubSpot CRM and improved efficiency in calculating commissions. Most importantly, reps needed a way to understand their earnings each month.


Up & running without assistance

June 16th
Ben found QuotaPath on G2 and created a free account.

June 22nd
He had a demo call with Samantha Manley, a QuotaPath Customer Development Director.

Later that day, he self upgraded within the app to Plus. Ben was able to build his comp plans in QuotaPath and invite his reps to join – that’s less than 7 days to onboard a team of 15 sales reps!

Automating commission calculations by integrating with HubSpot

Goodbye spreadsheets. Now, they sync their HubSpot CRM to automatically pull their deals into QuotaPath. This gives the team instant access to deal and earnings insights.