QuotaPath and Close Integration

Integrate Close to automate & manage commissions

  • Import all of your Close deals over automatically
  • Map Close users to QuotaPath members for easy team set up
  • Sync your team’s comp plans with Close CRM data
  • Calculate earnings and attainment from Close deals

Completely risk-free.

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How the integration works

With QuotaPath’s native Close integration, you can push your company’s CRM data directly into QuotaPath. Then teams can layer on insights like individual earnings, team quota attainment, pipeline forecasting, and payouts for a powerful understanding of performance.

QuotaPath is trusted by the top sales teams in B2B SaaS


Integrating QuotaPath + Close

With this integration, you can import all of your Close opportunities in just a couple of clicks. Connect and sync plans using your organization’s Close API Key.

Choose Close “Opportunities” records

Pull in Opportunity records from Close to count towards your earnings in QuotaPath.

Map Fields

Map all the components of your comp plan to relevant fields in Close like Lead, Value, Date won, User.

Define stages or “status”

Define deal stages to see commissions on closed deals and forecast potential earnings on opportunities.

Sync opportunities

Once you’re ready, start syncing. QuotaPath will populate Close opportunities for all comp plan assignees.