INTEGRATIONS Manage your Close deal commissions with QuotaPath

Push your company's CRM data directly into QuotaPath with our native integration. Your team can layer on insights like individual earnings, team quota attainment, pipeline forecasting, and payments for a powerful understanding of performance.

Sync Close to view deals & calculate commissions in real-time

Always up-to-date, always accurate

Automatically pass Close CRM data to QuotaPath so there’s no need to manually add deals as they enter the pipeline.

More time to sell

Using Close with QuotaPath saves time and streamlines commission calculations. Give reps insights to keep them motivated and closing deals.

Visibility into performance

Layer on attainment and earnings data from QuotaPath for a clear understanding of sales performance and goals.

Most trusted with the highest reviews

“The software works great and it has given my team a sense of clarity and confidence that they can hit their commission goals. We also love the integration with”

Your all-in-one solution for sales commissions

  • Simplify calculations & ensure accurate commissions
  • Integrate your essential tools
  • Instill confidence in your reps with transparent commissions
  • Save valuable time by streamlining stakeholder processes

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