Commission tracking software that increases revenue

Commissions shouldn’t be a guessing game. Sync your CRM and immediately feed accurate earnings data into QuotaPath.

Give instant visibility into commissions, and remove sales compensation blockers between Sales, RevOps, and Finance. Gain transparency, motivation, and more revenue as a result.

Commission forecasting & insights

Democratize sales commission reporting & data

Arm your reps and leaders with the ability to run “what if” scenarios to see how incoming deals impact their total earnings and attainment. Forecast not just the anticipated revenue, but the rep’s commission, too.

Save time with smoother month-end-close processes and enable reps to answer their own commission questions in QuotaPath.

Visualize team efforts and prioritize coaching attention

Our commission tracking software includes real-time interactive dashboards.

Sales leaders can check at-a-glance views to quickly get a pulse on team and individual progress. Conditional color-formatted leaderboards signal to managers areas of opportunity and where to spend their time coaching.

A motivational tool for sales reps

Watch your reps immediately pull up QuotaPath’s Earnings dashboard after closing a deal.

Give your reps the ability to see the financial fruits of their efforts anywhere in the world — and in their local currency. Keep reps engaged and yearning for more by enabling them to forecast how much they’ll make on future deals.

Like Blackthorn’s sales team that reported record sales the first 3 months after adopting QuotaPath’s commission tracker.

Motivate your team & increase sales productivity

Gauge performance and use actionable data to coordinate where you should spend your time coaching.

Build rep accountability

Support team and individual goals with a roadmap that reps can easily reference to see what deals get them to target.

Show impact of deals in limbo

Inspire your reps to bring in those lingering opps at the end of the month by showing how just one more will push them to the next commission tier.

Foster competition

Play up the competitive spirit of sales teams. Leaderboards make it easy to see how team members rank against each other.

Commission tracking software that’s built for the whole team

Connect personal goals with professional

Our digital sales journal, MyPath, equips reps with an in-app experience to see how professional achievements drive personal goals. Whether that goal entails becoming a team lead, paying off a car loan, or both, MyPath can track that progress.

personal goal tracking

Map out success

Set personal goals tied to earnings and attainment, create to-do lists, and pull up the weather and timezone of prospects.

inspirational sales quotes

Daily inspiration

Stay inspired to do top work. MyPath adds a dose of happiness and celebrates your wins and successes.

mercury in retrograde

Mercury in retrograde

The astrology fans know: when Mercury is in retrograde, communication can go haywire. Stay in the loop with our Mercury tracker.

Sales commission FAQ's

What is a sales commission?

A sales commission is an important part of sales compensation. It’s a form of variable pay and is the additional amount of money a sales representative can make on top of their base salary. It’s typically a percentage of a deal amount that a rep earns for closing that deal.

How do I structure a sales commission plan?

A typical sales commission structure includes three major parts. The first is on-target earnings (OTE), which is the amount of money a rep can expect to earn if they hit 100% of their quota. Next is quota(s). This is the amount of revenue a sales rep is expected to sell during a given period of time. And, lastly is a commission and/or a bonus. This is the percentage or set amount of money paid for closing deals.

How do I calculate commission?

There are different ways to calculate commission. For a simple compensation plan, one way is to use Excel or spreadsheets. But the best way is to use a sales commission software to provide transparency, save time, and remove mistakes.

Learn more in our ebook: Your Guide to Setting, Calculating and Tracking Sales Compensation.

How do I track commissions?

To track commissions, the best way is to have a single source of truth that both sales representatives and sales leaders have visibility into. This can be done in a spreadsheet or commission tracking software. There are many benefits of tracking commissions using software, like automation and transparency.

How do I motivate my sales team?

There are a lot of ways to motivate your sales team, and it’s important to remember that each sales rep is motivated by different things. The easiest way is with money. Pay reps an appropriate amount of money and a good commission rate and they will be motivated to sell. Another way is to provide transparency into their commissions. This ensures that reps know how much they are going to get paid and where to focus their efforts, which can motivate them to close more deals.

What is a quota calculator?

A quota calculator helps you figure out what your quota should be for sales reps. Use this quota calculator to plan or calculate sales quotas and commission rates for your sales compensation plans.

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