We’re empowering growth teams

QuotaPath was built to give sales teams and managers the exact info they need, when they need it. How much commission did I just earn? Is performance in line with company goals? Which path of my variable pay will yield the best results? All your answers are here.
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Built by sales pros, for sales pros

Our founders AJ and Cole are no strangers to the challenges that come up when building diverse, high-performing sales teams. Why isn’t there a tool out there that simplifies the management of commissions and drives consistent ROI for revenue teams? As veteran entrepreneurs and startup pros, they set out to innovate, building an easy to use, elegant solution to an over-complicated problem. Together, they want to ensure that top-performing contributors and teams are able to showcase their results to those that matter most. Eric soon joined the team, eager to tackle the technology challenge of scaling something big.

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Our vision is to create a connected community that aligns high performing individual contributors and teams together. Our company name reflects the idea that reaching your goals is all about the journey rather than the destination. As a team, we have a zest for life and a knack for solving problems. We're currently operating in Philadelphia and Austin, holding strong opinions on who does the best cheesesteak in the 215 and taco in the 512.

The Team

It’s about the journey, not the destination.

AJ Bruno Co-Founder & CEO

Being a product-led company means focusing on user-value above all else, and that mission is clear in every part of our culture.

Cole Evetts Co-Founder & COO

At QuotaPath, we believe our product is a reflection of our culture: it’s imbued with empathy, it’s always improving, and it promotes trust and understanding.

Eric Heydenberk Technical Co-Founder

My favorite workplace tradition is Goth Wednesdays. Bad days and New Order simply do not go together.

Darby Dupre Product Marketing Manager

We're not only empowering each other to do good work, but we’re also empowering our users to be more successful in their careers.

Ralph Pierre-Louis Head of Design

We believe that the more you measure a goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. We’re constantly using data to drive our growth.

Graham Collins Head of Growth

When you create something you’re putting a part of yourself into the world. Thats exactly what we’ve done with QuotaPath and I couldn’t be happier.

Henry Steinberg Software Engineer

Everyone strives to make our product intuitive and accessible to the individual salesperson. There's so much care and thought put into the work that's done.

Marguerite Hamilton Software Engineer

It's a constant practice to stay tuned in to each other, the market, and our own instincts, but it gives us superpowers like anticipation and sensitivity.

Mariclare Hall Director of Product

Designing for QuotaPath is exciting because it's where function, data and beauty intersect.

Melanie Taube Head of Creative Marketing

We're a company that cares~ We care about the product, the quality of our work, and each other.

Zoe Wolfe Software Engineer

Code is living poetry, language come alive and vibrant with energy. I like making software that exemplifies this and Quotapath's amazing team is building it.

Mike Bagwell Software Engineer

The development team here is incredibly talented and diverse. Alignment and a focused product let us rapidly deliver and grow.

James Truty Software Engineer

Curiosity is key—it pushes us to continuously learn and grow. My mission is to empower our community of users to use curiosity to drive their success.

Brandon Smith Customer Activation & Engagement Manager

The best part of QuotaPath is that everyone's opinions are valued in the decision making process.

Venu Kunche Project Manager

I’m a salesperson selling sales commission software to sales teams.

Meg Reesing Customer Development Director

We're empowering salespeople to tap into their full earnings potential. Getting paid commissions should be fun, not a headache!

Samantha Manley Customer Development Director

Working here ain't bad

Plenty of time off

It’s hard to leave work you love, but we all gotta recharge. We offer flexible PTO and Summer Fridays...all year round.

Employee health insurance, on us

Your health is the most important thing. We cover 100% of each employee’s medical, dental, and vision premiums.

Offices in the heart of the city

Our Philly and Austin offices are in the hub of innovation, with endless grub options and easy access to public transport.

Election day is a holiday

You shouldn’t have to choose between work or voting, so we’re completely eliminating that barrier. Let’s get out and vote!