Wazoku streamlines international commissions, measures team attainment

Wazoku aims to achieve 100% attainment for every sales representative as part of their key business targets. COO Sarah Counts utilizes QuotaPath to actively track progress toward attainment across her U.S. and U.K. teams, offer visibility into compensation for her reps, and enhance the efficiency of commission payouts.

Headquartered in London, Wazoku makes ideas happen. The innovation management platform enables collaborative idea generation so teams can turn a good suggestion into a well-executed, market-ready item.








Comp Plans


Chief Operating Officer Sarah Counts took over Wazoku’s QuotaPath implementation with HubSpot in Spring 2022. 

With “truly excellent support” from QuotaPath’s customer experience team, Sarah and her team built Wazoku’s 13 comp plans, co-led training sessions, and quickly grew team-wide adoption above 75% in the following weeks.

“We set up new plans for Q2, and now we’re using QuotaPath pretty damn well.”

Sarah Counts, Chief Operating Officer

Sarah answers if her team could ever return to managing commissions in Excel

How Wazoku Uses QuotaPath

  • Funneling deal data from HubSpot
  • Running and scheduling multi-currency payouts
  • Comp plan design consultations
  • Monitoring U.K. and U.S. team attainment and performance
Multi-currencies commissions in QuotaPath

“The team functionality is really helpful because one of our key results on the revenue team is that everyone is at 100% of quota. I can use the Team pages to look at how they’re individually progressing toward quota and view the total team quota.”

Sarah Counts, Chief Operating Officer

Solution-focused Support

Despite cross-Atlantic locations, Sarah praised QuotaPath’s white-glove support to get set up correctly.

“The level of support was excellent,” Sarah said. “By comparison, we signed up for a new billing platform while onboarding with QuotaPath. Dennis and Lucy on my team were on a back-to-back call with the billing platform and QuotaPath. When we got off that call with the other company, we were like, ‘Oh my god. The difference is black and white.’”

“It surprised me with how much support we got. We’d walk away with solutions. Truly excellent support.”

Sarah Counts, Chief Operating Officer

Compensation Plan Design Guidance

Sarah also enlisted the help of QuotaPath Head of Partnerships Graham Collins, who runs compensation consultation calls, to design simple, logical, and fair comp plans for Wazoku’s 13 compensation structures.

“Graham had some excellent, creative ways to design a plan,” Sarah said. “In the end, we designed a different one than what we showed him, but the new one was very similar to what he included. He gave me good insight into the right things to incentivize and pointed us to calculator resources QuotaPath has to help.”

Rep comp plan example from Compensation Templates library

Commission Automation Buy-in

After leaning on QuotaPath to manage sales compensation for the past three quarters, we asked Sarah if she’d ever return to spreadsheets. 

The short answer is no.

The long answer:

“Our CFO is a whiz with Excel. He can do it all. The problem is that spreadsheets are not scalable. If he got sick or something happened, then what? There’s no platform. No system of record with different levels of access,” Sarah said. 

“We want people to see their projected earnings. We want to make it competitive. And we want to make it really easy to look at our recognized or earned commissions versus what we’re paying out.”

Sarah Counts, Chief Operating Officer

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