How we’re changing the (sales) world

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Understand your earnings

Simplify commission calculation and quota tracking. Reduce payday stress by knowing exactly how much your check will be.

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You’re in it together

Surface organization-wide goals and sales metrics. Motivate and align the entire team with a complete view of attainment.

One powerful platform

See ya, spreadsheets

Quit wasting time manually tracking compensation plans.

Complexity meets clarity

No matter how complicated your pay structure, we can handle it.

Know where you’ve been

See your past quota attainment using historical filters.

Executive insights

Measure powerful business metrics that drive growth.

Share the knowledge

Collaborate on compensation plans with your team.

Operational excellence

Administrative controls for organizational alignment.

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Know the road ahead

Never wonder where you’ll end the month or quarter. Forecast your pipeline and plan for future adventures.

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Integrate with your CRM

Coming soon! Real-time sync with software you already use. Have one source of truth for all your deal data.