Everything a sales team could want – and then some.

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Compensation Management

Stay on target

Simplified commission and attainment tracking, so you can spend less time worrying about your pay and more time closing deals.

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Pave your way to success

Set personal goals and forecast your earnings in a customizable, daily dashboard designed to motivate and increase productivity.

One powerful platform
See ya, spreadsheets

Quit wasting time manually tracking compensation plans.

Manage pipelines

Follow through on your deals and opportunities. Increase revenue.

Know your team

Profile cards with KPI’s, fun facts, and role history for better visibility.

Executive insights

Measure powerful business metrics that drive growth.

Sharing plans

Collaborate on compensation plans with your team.

Operational excellence

Administrative controls for organizational alignment.

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Digital Quota Board

One team, one mission

Increase transparency about company goals, align and motivate your entire organization, and celebrate wins in real-time.

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Personal Profiles

Track your history, own your path

Get to know your organization, easily review role and team changes over time and gain valuable insights through streamlined data and metrics.