Commission tracking built for today’s revenue teams

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A commission calculator reps & teams actually enjoy

  • Earnings: View total earnings and see a breakdown of earnings from every deal.
  • Attainment: Track personal and team quota attainment. Leaderboards make it easy to see how team members rank against each other and adds friendly competition.
  • Forecasting: Forecast deals in Pipeline stage to know exactly how much you'll bring home. Accurately predict your team's attainment and easily test 'what if' scenarios to maximize earnings.
  • Team creation & goal setting: Align toward common organizational goals so teams can work together and see how each individual contributes.

Jacquie B.

"QuotaPath has been critical to help figure out how I'm tracking against my own personal goals and quota attainment. I also understand how I'm contributing and bringing success to the organization."

— Jacquie B., Account Executive
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Commission control for sales leaders & operations

  • Team & member management: Control who is in your workspace and what information they see. Set up teams and managers to match your org structure.
  • Plan distribution: Make sure everyone has the correct compensation plan. Make adjustments and lock official plans as needed.
  • Deal administration: Manually override deal and commission values for special cases. See all deals or filter down to the ones you care about. Export the data you need to share with other departments.
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Set up your compensation plan in minutes

  • Comp plans change with shifting business needs. Update existing plans or create new ones as they evolve every year.
  • We support 90% of comp plans. Add as many Paths as you need to track bonuses and commissions correctly with our no-formula Compensation Plan Builder. Accelerators, bonuses, or even one-time spiffs – we can handle it.

Your sales command center

See ya, spreadsheets

Quit wasting time manually tracking compensation plans.

Complexity meets clarity

No matter how complicated your pay structure, we can handle it.

A tool that goes with you

Use QuotaPath as you move jobs. Get your new team on board.

Reporting & insights

Easily view, filter, and export team data, all in one click.

Share the knowledge

Collaborate on compensation plans with your team.

Deal data in one place

Know how many deals you need to close to hit quota.

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Bring transparency to the commission process

  • With shared views, everyone is looking at the same data. The days of “black box” earnings spreadsheets are over.
  • Reduce the commission back and forth. From reps, managers, ops, and finance, there's no question about how much each individual is making.
  • Deal-by-deal earnings detail views. See which deals or opportunities are paying the most commission and which one will take you to the next accelerator.

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Connect your tools, stay secure and in control

  • One source of truth for your deal data. With the Salesforce integration, there’s no added effort to track commissions. With real-time data pulls, your information is always accurate.
  • We take your security & privacy seriously. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Opt-in sharing means you’re in charge of who has access to personal and company information.
  • Configure & control your Workspace. Manage setup, permissions, and Single Sign-On the way you want. We guide you through creating strong and secure account passwords.

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Track your career, set goals, stay organized

  • MyPath is a personal journal to map, track, and own the parts of your career that matter most to you. MyPath cards are completely customizable:
  • Daily productivity: Organize your to do's, sync your calendar, and get a daily dose of inspiration.
  • Track your progress: See career earnings and set goals. Get that elite “President’s Club” invitation you’ve been wanting.
  • Prepare for your outreach: Get prospecting insights and know if Mercury is threatening to throw that deal out of whack.
  • Surface important career milestones. With Multi-Plans you can filter and aggregate data across company changes and promotions to see how earnings progress over time.