Manage your Salesforce deal commissions with QuotaPath

Sales reps, operations, and finance teams love automating commissions with QuotaPath. Pull in deal data, forecast earnings, and run fast, accurate commissions.

Sync Salesforce to view deals & calculate commissions in real-time

Always up-to-date, always accurate

With QuotaPath’s pre-built integration for Salesforce, your data will always be up-to-date and accurate. We regularly import your Salesforce CRM data into QuotaPath, reducing the need to manually add deals in spreadsheets.

More time to sell

Using Salesforce with QuotaPath saves time and streamlines commission calculations. Give reps insights to keep them motivated and closing deals.

Visibility into performance

Layer on attainment and earnings data from QuotaPath for a clear understanding of sales performance and goals.

Most trusted with the highest reviews

“It was obvious that QuotaPath was going to have a manageable implementation and a more cost-efficient approach than CaptivateIQ, and QuotaPath seemed more aligned to what we were looking to do by securely integrating our data with Salesforce over Spiff.”

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