Build and Measure Better in 2024

With new data and visualizations in QuotaPath’s Plan Performance Modeling and Custom Reports.

Successfully Design Comp Plans

  • Effortlessly conduct scenario — planning for your annual comp plan review.
  • Dynamically forecast potential costs and revenue based on different attainment levels of an individual on a plan.
  • Align finance, sales and revops around the impact and cost of your new plans.
  • Update this seamlessly throughout the year depending on performance levels.

Make analytical decisions with compensation data

Use commission data to drive smart business decisions. Quickly create custom reports with any of the data around your team’s earnings and deal details.

  • Use pivot tables to see comparisons, patterns and trends in your comp data.
  • Get clarity quickly with 15+ visual graphs.
  • Export the data to share in presentations or combine with additional business data for even more intelligence.

Powerful data and insights to drive your comp plan to reach business goals

QuotaPath has the reports you need to run your business efficiently, ensure your sales team success, and measure how your comp plan is reaching your business goals.

Over time total earnings by rep
Over time total earnings by plan
Quota attainment over time
Quota attainment by rep
Quota attainment by plan
Deal earnings vs deal value
Customer acquisition cost layer cake
And more!

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