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Includes all paid features
  • Try before you buy
  • Sync your CRM
  • Build comp plans
  • Invite teammates
  • Track earnings & attainment
  • Approve deals & schedule payouts



Billed annually
  • Best for 1-5 reps
  • Pre-built compensation templates
  • Compensation plan builder
  • Rep earnings reporting & forecasting
  • Deal approvals & exports
  • Multi-currency support
  • Pre-built integrations & API access
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Billed annually

10% off!

  • Best for 5-250+ reps
  • Payout schedules & exports
  • Team management
  • Leaderboards
  • Plan verification
  • Deal review & discrepancy management
  • Ledger for ASC606 compliance
  • All Startup features too!

Core Features

Sales comp plan design
Build and maintain comp plans through our easy-to-use Compensation Plan Builder.
Sales commission calculation & forecasting
Quota attainment tracking & forecasting
Career planning & goal tracking
Sales Insights
Visualize and analyze deal, earnings, attainment, and forecasting reporting metrics.


Earnings approval & payroll reconciliation tracking
Ensure data integrity and accuracy by locking in earnings and automatically tracking any changes to the underlying calculation.
Earnings & quota attainment data export
Export Workspace earnings and attainment data as a .CSV so you can easily parse data and use VLOOKUPs.
Manager earnings & team spiffs
Set up a bonus structure for reps and managers based on team performance.
Deal flagging
Collaborate with reps on questions or issues with earnings or other deal details.
Plan distribution & verification
Distribute your compensation plans and allow your reps to verify they have recieved and understand it. Track acceptance rates directly in QuotaPath.
Team attainment leaderboards & goals
Create attainment leaderboards with team goals to tap into that competitive spirit of your members. Assign team managers and customize permissions.
Create & manage teams
Create teams to match your org structure. Set up your SDRs, Sr. AEs and everything in between.

Administrative Controls

Company access to Workspace
Easily whitelist your company domain to allow anyone in the organization to join the Workspace without an invite.
Global currency options
Support for 150+ currencies. Set a single type for your Workspace.
Custom fiscal periods
Negative deal values
Create deals with negative deal values or override existing deals so that your earnings are reflected appropriately. Great for those who handle clawbacks this way.
Bulk deal import
Import deal data via a .CSV template.
Standardize & manage comp plans
Standardize and manage comp plans for members in your Workspace. Assign and distribute those plans to various roles. Lock and make adjustments that affect all assignees.
Administrative deal control
Admins can create and assign deals to members, and edit, lock, and override deals.
Advanced team member management
Assign roles and permissions and edit member account information.

Advanced Features

Create payout records to represent the complex schedules in which reps will see their earnings appear in their bank accounts. Track any balances between Earned and Paid to easily know when action is needed.
Ledger for ASC 606 compliance
Capitalize and amortize sales commissions and bonuses. Expense immediately, straightline, or create reports for cost of revenue.
Multi-currency conversion
Multiple currencies in a single Workspace, converted based on your rates and timeframes.


Import deals from Salesforce
Import deals from HubSpot
Import deals from Close
Open API
Our open API allows you to pull in data from your CRM or other source of truth into QuotaPath.
Configure Salesforce import rules for assignees
Configure HubSpot import rules for assignees
Configure Close import rules for assignees
Sync payouts data to SaaSOptics


Opt-in data sharing
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Use G-suite, HubSpot, or Salesforce credentials to securely log in to QuotaPath.
Data encryption
All data is encrypted at rest and in-transit.
Workspace subdomains
All Workspaces have their own unique subdomain.
SOC-2 Compliance

Integrate with the tools you use

Official integrations are included for free. Sync your CRM with a few clicks.

Frequently asked pricing questions

How does QuotaPath’s pricing work?

QuotaPath is free for you to track commissions and quota attainment. We’ve built our paid plans to better serve the needs of growing organizations, and for those with more advanced needs for compensation management. We’re shooting for simplicity – pricing is on a per user per month basis.

Do you charge implementation fees?

Nope! Unlike a lot of solutions on the market, there are no implementation costs after you sign with us. We’ve made our onboarding simple and intuitive so customers typically see faster set up times and higher adoption.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) through the app. Contact our team if you need to set up alternative payment options like ACH credit transfer or paper checks.

We need to add members to our Workspace. How do we do that?

It’s easy to add members to a Workspace. For Workspace Admins and members with permissions, head to Settings > Members > and enter the emails of who you’d like to invite. You can also whitelist your domain so that all members with a shared email domain can join without an invitation.

What’s your refund policy?

If you feel as though you were incorrectly charged, contact us and we’ll help get it figured out.

How secure is QuotaPath?

We take your security and privacy seriously. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Opt-in sharing means you’re in charge of who has access to personal and company information.

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With easily measured and viewable comp plans in QuotaPath, EverView saw a rise in positive selling behaviors.


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Blackthorn was up and running in two weeks and reaped the rewards of smashing record after record three months in a row.

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