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Experience the most streamlined and flexible commissions solution that scales with your team as you grow. Accurate, expected results, that’s easy for everyone in a sales organization to understand.

Build custom compensation plans in minutes

Or start with one of our 20+ templates

  • Comp plans change with shifting business needs. Update existing plans or create new ones as they evolve every year.
  • We support over 90% of comp plans Add as many Paths as you need to track bonuses and commissions correctly with our no-formula Compensation Plan Builder. Accelerators, bonuses, or even one-time spiffs – we can handle it.

Bring transparency to the commission process

  • With shared views, everyone is looking at the same data. The days of “black box” earnings spreadsheets are over.
  • Reduce the commission back and forth. From reps, managers, ops, and finance, there’s no question about how much each individual is making.
  • Deal-by-deal earnings detail views. See which deals or opportunities are paying the most commission and which one will take you to the next accelerator.

Commission control for sales leaders & operations

  • Team & member management: Control who is in your workspace and what information they see. Set up teams and managers to match your org structure.
  • Plan distribution: Make sure everyone has the correct compensation plan. Make adjustments and lock official plans as needed.
  • Deal administration: Manually override deal and commission values for special cases. See all deals or filter down to the ones you care about. Export the data you need to share with other departments.

Connect your tools, stay secure and in control

  • One source of truth for your deal data. With the HubSpot and Salesforce CRM integrations, there’s no added effort to track commissions. With real-time data pulls, your information is always accurate.
  • We take your security & privacy seriously. Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Opt-in sharing means you’re in charge of who has access to personal and company information.
  • Configure & control your Workspace. Manage setup, permissions, and Single Sign-On the way you want. We guide you through creating strong and secure account passwords.

HubSpot Salesforce

Understand earnings

Track commissions and performance in real-time, not at the end of the month. Consistently hit quotas and maximize earnings through deal-by-deal commission insights.

Track quota attainment

Track personal and team quota attainment. Leaderboards make it easy to see how team members rank against each other. Achieve organizational success and drive results.

Forecast pipeline

Proactively forecast pipeline deals to see how much could be earned and what deals to close to hit accelerators. Accurately predict team attainment and easily test ‘what if’ scenarios.

Set & exceed goals

Set personalized goals to manage career growth and earnings. Align toward common organizational goals so teams can work together and see how each individual contributes.

Zero hidden fees or implementation costs

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  • Build unlimited comp plans
  • Track earnings & attainment
  • Forecast potential earnings & attainment
  • Import from HubSpot, Salesforce®, or CSV
  • Set personal goals
  • MyPath: Productivity, inspiration & call prep
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  • Everything in Free, plus
  • Manage team members, plans & quotas
  • Override earnings
  • Configure CRM integration for your team
  • Create payout schedules
  • Export earnings, attainment & payout data
  • Set team goals

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