Designed for Finance & Accounting

Pay commissions on time without mistakes

Built for Finance, Accounting, and Operations teams, we connect the dots from earnings to payouts. Set up payment rules and export accurate earnings data to run payroll. A deal-by-deal trail makes auditing easy.

Other solutions don't work because...

  • Reps don’t have transparency into what they’re getting paid and why
  • Payouts are handled with frozen commission statements
  • Reports don’t show revenue generated from various components of comp plans

Here’s How it Works

Everything You Need to Approve, Schedule & Pay Out Commissions

Step #1

A dynamic process for Sales Ops to audit and approve commissions

Transparency creates accountability.

  • Reps are incentivized to keep CRM data up to date.
  • Clear audit trails make it easy for Sales Ops to review and approve deal earnings.
  • A seamless handoff to the Finance and Accounting team simplifies scheduling payouts.

Step #2

Create fully custom payout schedules

  • Multiple payouts: Stipulated amounts set for specific dates.
  • Installments: Schedule amounts or percentages to be paid at set dates over time.
  • Clawbacks: Catch overpayments or resolve earned amount issues.

Once scheduled, reps can double-check for accuracy before payroll is run, saving from the hassle of reconciling on future paychecks.

Step #3

Export earnings to payroll and close the books

  • Filter exports based on time, plans, payees, or export all data by rep.
  • Enter the data into your payroll processor.
  • Close the books for the period.

No more mistakes or manual reports.

“I love everything in Payouts. The exports are amazing.”

Ready to get payroll done right?

  • No credit card. No commitment. Free to try.
  • An organized, clear system of record
  • Quit wasting time & money on inaccurate commission calculations