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From reps to admins, we’re transforming the way companies track and pay commissions through an intuitive, automated, simple-to-use sales compensation software.

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The Top 7 Reasons Companies Choose QuotaPath Over Other Solutions


Automated Comp Plan Management

Our comp plan builder makes it easy to create custom comp plans for your whole team. Do all of your AE’s have different quotas or variable rates? No problem. And unlike our competitors, you don’t have to rely on us to make changes. You have full control to make on-the-fly adjustments as your comp changes and team scales.

  • Standardized comp plan creation & assignment
  • Comp plan template library
  • Custom quotas & acceleration tiers
  • Earnings override & deal data exports
  • Real-time CRM integrations
  • Role hierarchy & permissions
  • Individual and team earnings views for Admins


Onboarding & Support

We can set up and onboard full teams in as little as a few days versus weeks or even months with other software.

Really, we just onboarded a 20 person sales team in under 48 hours, just in time to run their next commission cycle. Our support team is second to none and here to help you every step of your commission journey.


Real-time CRM updates

Our best-in-class CRM integrations mean you can seamlessly connect your deal data, map your fields, and see updates in real-time. Our CRM data is not pulled in by static reports like you’ll find with other solutions. 

QuotaPath is the only commission software that integrates with HubSpot.
HubSpot Salesforce Close


Earnings Visibility

Have you and your reps been dying for a way to understand earnings? And we mean reallly understand them. Compared to our competitors, we provide transparency into earnings through granular, deal-by-deal breakdowns of exact commissions calculations, rates, and tiers.

Accurate data and historicals build trust among quota carriers and leaders can incentivize the right behaviors.

  • Deal-by-deal commission insights
  • Monthly commission statements


Rep Motivation

We help motivate your reps with insights into not only their hard-earned commissions but also their potential commissions.

We’re the only commission software that gives reps the ability to forecast their pipeline so that they can plan for the future and see what is needed to hit that accelerator or bonus. We help inspire empowerment, action, and accountability.

  • Earnings & attainment forecasting
  • Personal earnings & attainment goals
  • MyPath
  • Team leaderboards


Payouts & Finance Tools

Paying payroll on time… we know how much of a struggle this can be! We’re helping Operations, Finance, and HR teams understand how much your reps earned and how much is owed. We’ve made the month-end close process easy for you to audit, confirm, and process payouts. Your reps will always know exactly what’s on their paycheck and the deals it includes.

Plus, you can stay ASC 606 compliant and audit-ready with Ledger, a solution built just for Accounting teams.

  • Create payout schedules for all earned amounts
  • Understand clawbacks and how much your team is owed
  • Export data to run payroll
  • Verify payouts and close the books
  • Recognize your team’s commissions and amortize costs


Pricing & Value

To put it simply, we’re the most cost-efficient commissions software available. We have transparent and competitive pricing starting at $24 per user per month with no additional fees or minimum contract value.

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Companies Come to Us Looking for Help With:

Automating commission calculations

Performance tracking & transparency, in real-time

Simplifying & managing multiple comp plans and one-off changes

Eliminating errors & mistakes from old data or miscalculations

Automating commission statements

Historical data tracking & real-time CRM updates