QUOTAPATH VS. OTHER 7 reasons why companies choose QuotaPath

Voted through G2 as a “High Performer,” QuotaPath creates ownership and accountability across your teams. Through automation and intuitive user experience, we ensure your variable compensation is paid accurately and on time and your financial goals are met.

Comprehensive plan builder

Simple, logical, and fair compensation plans are the most effective in driving selling behaviors that move the needle on your business targets. QuotaPath has spent years developing a plan builder that doesn’t require coding or complicated formulas. Make compensation understandable for your entire team, reduce questions, eliminate errors, and save time.

Our unique plan builder allows you to create custom compensation plans for your entire team, including BDRs, SDRs, AEs, AMs, CSMs, and anyone on a variable compensation plan tied to your sales data.

From the simplest to the most complex plan, QuotaPath gives you the control to make adjustments as your compensation plan changes and your team scales.

With QuotaPath:

  • Standardize compensation plan creation and assignment
  • Create custom quotas and acceleration tiers
  • Add spifs, accelerators, decelerators, fractional attainment, and attainment multipliers
  • Time based attainment rules
  • Build ramp up plans
  • Show earnings in your rep’s local currency

Onboarding & support

Just like our POV on comp plans, we believe that getting started with QuotaPath should be simple and logical. That’s why we’ve built an in-app onboarding guide, detailed documentation, and provide implementation consultation with many of our pricing packages.

In addition, our on-demand help center with guides, videos, and live chat for all customers ensures you’ll be able to get the support you need when you need it.

What our customers are saying on TrustRadius

“The customer service is even better than the platform.”

“This is by far the best sales visualization tool that I have come across. The tool is extremely easy to navigate, especially in setting up quota’s and evaluating performance. It is very visually attractive and integrates easily with our CRM.”

“Quotapath is a great tool with great functionality and ease of use at a reasonable price! They have a perfect Customer Experience and support and are always available for answering questions and help on plans implementations…”

Compensation plan templates

Whether or not you’re a customer, you have access to our free library of the most effective and trusted compensation plan templates. We’ve sourced and shaped comp plan examples after completing 500+ compensation consultants. Browse, select, and customize the best plan for your team. Then, add your plan to your QuotaPath workspace in a few clicks to use with your team (or design a plan in our plan builder for a more customized option).

Automated earnings visibility with real-time data connections

Trust your data is accurate by seamlessly connecting your CRM. Use any opportunity field to calculate commissions so that your team can see real-time and forecasted earnings and attainment in one quick view. 

If your reps have questions, they can raise a flag in QuotaPath for your team to address and resolve. 

From your lens, you’ll be able to view every deal, the earnings’ calculations behind each one, how commissions split if more than one rep is tied to the deal, a log of flags if applicable, discrepancies, and approvals. 

Run your end-of-month process more efficiently with QuotaPath’s scalable workflows. Prioritize tasks, get insight snapshots, and see what approvals and payouts need your attention. Catch and resolve discrepancies before they hit payroll and avoid those uncomfortable post-commission check conversations with sales.

QuotaPath includes:

  • Deal-by-deal commission insights
  • Rep detailed commission insights
  • Monthly commission statements
  • Deal approvals
  • Discrepancy resolution
  • Performance metrics

“The HubSpot integration makes my life so much easier when calculating commissions and compensation. All of the data from HubSpot flows automatically into QuotaPath, so both my reps and I can view their earnings without keeping a complicated and outdated spreadsheet.”

Pay your team correctly and on time

Quickly close out your books and pay your team accurately and on time. No matter what commission cycle you are on, QuotaPath lets you know how much your revenue teams have earned and how much they are owed. Individual reps can see what commissions to expect on their checks and detailed views into every deal.

Plus, stay ASC 606 compliant and audit-ready by tracking your commissions with QuotaPath.

QuotaPath includes:

  • Create payout schedules for all earned amounts
  • Understand clawbacks and how much your team is owed
  • Connect your accounting or payment systems to pay your team when invoices are paid
  • Export data to run payroll
  • Verify payouts and close the books
  • Recognize your team’s commissions and amortize costs

“I didn’t realize how much of a challenge it was for me to track my commission at the end of each month (for financial reporting) and then again at the end of each quarter for actual pay out final numbers. I was spending so much time cross referencing reported numbers, then putting everything into a google spreadsheet, then finally calculating and submitting. It’s also been so helpful to motivate me by creating goals and showing how my work is directly impacting my commission.”

Build sales accountability and ownership

Give your revenue teams the opportunity to own and be accountable for their sales compensation by democratizing earnings data.

Provide them with a system to answer their own compensation-related questions by showing how their earnings are calculated and highlighting which parts of their comp plans yield the biggest earnings (like multi-year deals or deals that include ideal customer profiles). 

Enable them to run what-if scenarios and visualize the impact of their pipeline from using our forecasted earnings views. 

We empower sales leadership with metrics on attainment and leaderboards to continue to motivate individuals and their teams to hit goals.

Earnings and attainment forecasting
Personal earnings and attainment goals
Team Leaderboards

Pricing & value

Sales compensation should be transparent. So should pricing.

We’re the only sales compensation management solution with pricing listed on our website, a free trial experience, and clear implementation guidance with every package.

In addition, our robust knowledge center, product videos, live training sessions, and live chat support ensure you can get started with ease and speed.

We're a sales compensation leader

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