Navigating Commissions & Compensation Planning in a Volatile Job Market

If your team is downsizing or freezing sales hiring efforts, how will you take care of and support your existing team to ensure they stay? The key is in sales compensation. In this ebook, and in partnership with Pavilion, we interviewed four sales and finance executives from the Pavilion community. Learn how they approach sales compensation planning in a volatile market.

Upon reading, gain insights into:

  • 4 different approaches to compensation and sales commissions
  • Challenges in the sales comp space and how they adapted
  • Tips on how to leverage comp plans to impact retention
  • Why complex plans are worth it

About Our Partnership with Pavilion

Thousands of Pavilion members turn to its “#comp_plans” Slack channel looking for best practices and insights from others in the community. We’re thrilled to be a part of it and provide thought leadership through jointly-produced webinars, research reports, and surveys.