How to Build a Compensation Plan Your Sales Team (and Future Investors) Will Love

When sales comp plans are competitive, trackable, and simple in nature, your sales reps, RevOps, finance and accounting teams, and investors win. But when holes begin to take shape in a plan, look out.

Poorly constructed comp plans can fuel employee churn, demotivate performance, wreak havoc on your books, and put up glaring red flags for potential investors. Use this guide to design sales compensation plans that leave a lasting impact.

Design a sales comp plan that delivers on all your needs

QuotaPath and Maxio have teamed up with a helpful guide. With this guide you will:

  • Understand the responsibilities of each team as it relates to sales commissions
  • Write a sales comp plan that motivates sales reps and maintains margins
  • Account for commissions in accordance with ASC 606

Partnering with hundreds of revenue teams to drive growth

Since 2018, QuotaPath has partnered with sales teams of all sizes to design impactful sales comp plans and offer commission tracking software. Now, we’re integrating with the financial operations platform Maxio to automate commissions and expense recognition for F&A teams.