Your Guide to Setting, Calculating and Tracking Sales Compensation

Today, it is more critical than ever to get sales compensation right. On-target earnings have peaked, teams hitting quotas has plummeted, and we’re still amid the “Great Talent Resignation” as the tenure of sales reps and leaders continues to decline.

In this guide, we aim to arm you with tools and tactics to design and execute a compensation strategy that rewards and motivates your reps, aligns to business goals, and drives revenue.

By the end, you will be able to:

  • Set OTEs and quotas that align to business strategies and attract sales talent
  • Identify compensation plan best practices and variable plans that work best for your organization
  • Calculate and track commissions more effectively and accurately
  • Leverage free resources to improve your commission processes

Partnering with hundreds of revenue teams to drive growth

At QuotaPath, we tailor your compensation models to align with your team and business goals. Then, we automate the entire sales compensation process, including the tracking, calculating, and paying out of commissions. To learn more about our intuitive, fast-to-implement sales compensation software, chat with us today.