Sales commission payments & reporting

Your time is way too valuable to get buried in sales commission reconciliation and bombarded with questions from reps.

Let us automate commission tracking, calculation, and payment, so that you can get hours, even days, of time back. Use our platform to:

  • Close the books faster and more accurately
  • Empower reps to answer their own sales compensation questions
  • Define eligibility rules for when commissions are to be paid out
  • Run live forecasting to feed your financial model
  • Support auditing conversations

Compensation management software & reporting support

Design a compensation plan from historical data

Pull commission reporting and data within QuotaPath to inspire your future compensation plans. Use this data to test changes and run extreme scenarios.

Ask an expert

Need help getting the most out of your compensation models? Schedule a sales compensation strategy call for advice on the most valuable mechanics, multiplier ratios, quota frequencies, SPIF examples, and more. We’ll help you tailor your plans to align with your strategic initiatives.

Tighten your close processes

Inputting compensation plan rates, deals, and payout rules in QuotaPath mitigates the need to maintain folders, disparate spreadsheets, and version control.

Trust that the data is accurate and provide one source of truth for commissions so that the whole team is aligned and following the same workflows.

Quickly resolve errors so you can pay your team on time and mistake-free

Create payout schedules, split commissions into installments, and have a clear line into every clawback and how much your team is owed at any given time.

Use granular audit trails to reconcile payouts with accruals and minimize the need for true-up entries.

Powerful reporting & insights

Whether it’s a bonus, draw, or something entirely different, generate sales commission reporting on all of your commission types.

House that historical data in QuotaPath then reference it to build, test, and optimize your next compensation plan.

Management & board reporting

Gather data for monthly, quarterly, annual, or custom, time-based reporting.

  • Break out performance by rep, team, plans, and/or paths (variable components)
  • Use at-a-glance dashboards to tell your GTM story in realtime

Budgeting & forecasting

Next budget and audit season, we’ve got you.

  • Plan and forecast more accurately with inputs from QuotaPath. We’ll help you a build a financial model you can trust
  • Create audit-ready reports for sample testing or reconciling to your ERP

Let us deal with commissions so you don’t have to

Stay GAAP compliant

Check that box.

QuotaPath can help your organization stay compliant with the most up-to-date compliance standards.

  • Capitalize commission payouts in accordance with ASC 340 by exporting from our Ledger feature.
  • Amortize commissions to match expenses with ASC 606 revenue recognition.

We take security & privacy seriously

Configure and control your Workspace. Manage setup, permissions, and Single Sign-On the way you want.

SOC2 Type II certified

We have a SOC2 Type II report, and we meet our obligations to GDPR and CCPA.

Two-factor authentication

We take the extra step to enhance the security of your Workspace.

Encrypted data

All data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. This means your data is safe and secure where it’s stored and as it’s moved.

Finance FAQ’s

What is a commission clawback?

A commission clawback occurs when you have already paid out a rep’s commission for a deal that is no longer valid to earn commissions. This results in a rep’s paycheck being reduced by the originally paid out commission.

What is ASC 606?

Any company that offers a deliverable, such as a good or service, is technically subject to ASC 606 guidelines. These principles were created by the FASB and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). The goal is to make it easier to compare revenue from organization to organization and even industry to industry. In other words, it’s all about simplicity and consistency.

When should I pay out commissions?

Generally commissions are either paid out when a deal is signed or when a customer or client pays. If cash flow is a concern, you may want to pay out when the client pays, but sales reps like to get paid as quickly as possible. So, if you’re trying to keep reps happy, you may want to pay when the deal is signed.

Why is revenue forecasting important?

Revenue forecasting is vital for leaders strategizing and planning out their growth models. It allows you to uncover the why, where, when, and how of sales performance and use that information to shape future management decisions.

How do you forecast revenue?

Analysts typically adopt one of four ways to forecast revenue. Two approaches feed from historical data (straight line, moving average), and the other two from observed situations (simple linear regression and multiple linear regression). The simplest to set up and understand is the straight-line method. In the straight-line method, you’ll use historical figures and trends to predict future revenue growth.

Ready to automate sales commission payments?

  • No credit card. No commitment. Free commission tracking software for you to try
  • Gain powerful insights into individual & team performance
  • Quit wasting time & money on inaccurate commission calculations

Get a free fully tailored demo and see how QuotaPath can automate commission calculations for your organization.

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