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QuotaPath is a modern sales compensation management solution. We rally revenue teams around financial goals through purpose-driven comp plans, commissions visibility, and streamlined payout workflows.

Give your teams visibility into earnings and streamline payout workflows for RevOps and Finance teams by automating commission tracking. And, evaluate your sales compensation strategy with our expert guidance. We’ll facilitate collaboration and alignment across your team to ensure your comp plans drive the results you seek.

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Sales commissions should rally your revenue team

Fit QuotaPath seamlessly into your tech stack through our pre-built, smart integrations with the leading CRMs.

Break down comp plan formulas into simplified components that can be easily understood and combined.

Create payout schedules and stay ASC 606 compliant Prioritize each user’s needs and surface the most important information through customized dashboard experiences.

Streamline comp plan management to ensure plans can be understood and verified by reps, and calculations and payouts are always accurate.

Who is QuotaPath for?

Growth-minded companies who value incentive compensation, technology, and two-way partnerships.

For companies that track sales opportunities through a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce Revenue teams that track sales opportunities through a CRM like HubSpot or Salesforce.

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What our customers are saying on TrustRadius

“QuotaPath is a great tool with great functionality and ease of use at a reasonable price! They have a perfect Customer Experience and support and are always available for answering questions and help on plans implementations...”

“This is by far the best sales visualization tool that I have come across. The tool is extremely easy to navigate, especially in setting up quota's and evaluating performance. It is very visually attractive and integrates easily with our CRM. I would...”

QuotaPath is much more user friendly and admin friendly. Not as difficult to set up and much more flexible.

QuotaPath makes it EXTREMELY easy to set up and calculate complex compensation plans that are traditionally a nightmare to handle, management, audit, and roll out to sales teams.

It pulls the data from a google sheet that we use to process the payroll for the sales team. I like the end-to-end visibility for the team that keeps the entire organization on the same page. We always know where the team stands at the end of the mon...

QuotaPath has been extremely helpful in tracking our comp plans based on data from SFDC. It easily handles multiple complex plans, that change on an annual basis.

We use QuotaPath for our sales, customer success, and sales engineers teams that get paid on deals won in our CRM. This saves finance a lot of time from manually creating spreadsheets each month for each rep's attainment. It also gives the team visib...

We use QuotaPath to create clarity and precision in our sales compensation plan. QuotaPath greatly reduces the amount of time our small (but mighty!) RevOps org has to spend calculating commission plans, providing reps receipts, and submitting these...

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