For Revenue Operations

Simplify commission tracking and incentivize your sales team

Share accurate commission calculations with your sales team and provide sales reps visibility into their earnings.

Make commission tracking more efficient as your team grows

Don’t spend hours tinkering with spreadsheets.

Instead, build your team’s comp plans in a few steps with our formula-free builder. Then, as you update plans throughout the year, easily make adjustments directly in QuotaPath. Get real-time access to everyone’s commission data and trust that it’s right.

Guarantee accurate commission calculations

With our robust CRM integrations, you’ll have all the commissions data you need right at your fingertips. Sync your CRM in a few clicks, and immediately begin forecasting from QuotaPath based on your team’s live data.

“Our revenue forecast numbers have been more accurate because sales reps want to keep their QuotaPath numbers up to date.”

— Meagan, Director of Sales Operations

Enable reps to surface errors well before payout time

Save hours figuring out who closed what and for how much. When it’s time to run commissions, easily audit deals and spot-check for errors. Then approve earnings to close the books before sending to payroll.

Additionally, encourage your reps to call out any issues using our Deal Flagging feature. When a rep “raises a flag” within the app, an admin is immediately notified to look into it.

Run commissions smoothly while making your sales team happy

  • Automate an outdated process with a scalable solution
  • Incentivize your reps
  • Integrate your CRM
  • Forecast using real-time data
  • Ensure commission accuracy

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