For Sales & Revenue Operations Teams

Effortlessly run commissions like the ops hero you are

Reduce friction in the sales process so your team is successful. Accurately deliver data to all stakeholders involved in commissions.

Onboard your team and run commissions with ease

Don’t spend hours tinkering with spreadsheets.

Instead build your team’s plans in a few steps with a formula-free builder. And when plans change quarterly, it’s no effort to update them. Get real-time access to everyone’s commission data and trust that it’s right. More automation. More transparency. And your time back.

Swap manual inputs for accurate, up-to-date data

Never go back to complex formula fields or manual calculations. With robust CRM integrations, you’ll have all the commissions data you need right at your fingertips.

“Our revenue forecast numbers have been more accurate because sales reps want to keep their QuotaPath numbers up to date.”

— Meagan, Director of Sales Operations

Eliminate mistakes without hours of auditing

Save hours figuring out who closed what and for how much. When it’s time to run commissions, easily audit deals and spot-check for errors. Then you can approve earnings to close the books before sending to payroll.

You’re the connecting force between each step in the commission process. You deserve a streamlined solution.

Take care of your reps, achieve operational excellence

  • Automate an outdated process
  • Get real-time access to deals and commissions
  • Align your unique CRM setup and keep data up to date
  • Move the needle on sales and revenue growth
  • No credit card. No commitment. Free to try.

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