QUOTAPATH VS. SPIFF Choosing between QuotaPath & Spiff

Commissions impact your team’s paychecks and the company’s bottom line. You need more than a modern tool. You need the smartest solution.

Run your compensation plan autonomously

QuotaPath has always had a self-serve model for customers to adjust and build their plans in their own timelines with best-in-class support and implementation to help when needed. In QuotaPath, plans are efficient to build and we have best-in-class templates to use or you can build from scratch. Your plans in QuotaPath can be understood by your entire team for them to have ownership into the results and provide accountability for the process.

We’re a sales compensation leader

Spiff vs QuotaPath

Heavy set up
Quick to implement
Professional service fees
Free to try
No free trial
Rated higher on quality of support, being a good partner, and product direction
Rated lower on quality of support, being a good partner, and product direction
Native, real-time HubSpot integration
1x daily HubSpot refresh
Integrations with CRMs & payment / invoicing systems
Integrations with CRMs & payment / invoicing systems
Easy to use and update
Dedicated customer success specialist

Top companies have chosen QuotaPath

What our customers are saying on G2

"The ease of use of the platform is excellent. I love the transparency it provides on how earnings are calculated for a deal. Their customer support is top-notch - I know I will always get my questions answered. They also have great resources available to help guide our comp strategy and decision-making. Over the two years we have been using this tool, they have rolled out new functionality - like draft plans - that have directly addressed our growing needs. Overall, feel grateful for the partnership!"

“QuotaPath is extremely flexible and straight forward to integrate with Salesforce, build plans and, and operate. I was able to configure my plans during my trial and go live within a week. The UI is informative and very usable by administrators and salespeople alike. The support is top-notch and timely.”

"This is the best part of my tech stack (sales ops). I love how easy the UI is for me in Admin, and for the reps. The commission forecasting capabilities of QuotaPath have made a tangible difference in our reps' success. Seeing what they can earn on every deal they are engaged in motivates them to make those forecasts a reality.”

"Deployment was so easy that I was able to get around 99% complete with some niche items requiring minimal support. The integration with Salesforce is extremely easy to understand and complete and we were up and running within just a couple of hours of work from myself. When I did need customer support their chat feature within the application with one of their reps was incredibly helpful. Best of all, the product saved time, money, and headaches between the Sales team and Finance within the first week."

. “When evaluating software I look at a few factors. 1. Ease of use 2. Ease of Integration and Implementation 3. Ongoing customer support and experience The team at QuotaPath is very knowledgeable in this space and it shows that they understand the pains of commission management and payout with how easy their software is to set up and use. Also, have had the best experience onboarding and feeling confident that we have the right structure in place for our sales team.”

"The integration with Hubspot was a must, and while our commission plans are not too complicated, the synching is working perfectly, and the QP interface is simple and robust enough for our needs. There is clear and organized information on the deals that are eligible for a payout, easy approval steps, and reporting to be sent to HR for payment. Their pricing is also quite affordable and flexible for a small business like us."

Why customers choose QuotaPath

Automated earnings visibility with real-time data connections

Trust your data is accurate by seamlessly connecting your CRM. Use any opportunity field to calculate commissions so that your team can see real-time, and forecasted earnings in one quick view.

If your reps have questions, they can raise a flag directly in QuotaPath for your team to log, address, and resolve.

For comp managers, you’ll be able to view every deal, the earnings’ calculations behind each one, how commissions split if more than one rep is tied to the deal, flag history, discrepancies, and approvals.

Build sales accountability and ownership

Give your revenue teams the opportunity to own and be accountable for their sales compensation by democratizing earnings data.

Provide them with a system to address their own compensation-related questions by showing how their earnings are calculated and which parts of their comp plans have the highest earning potentials (like multi-year deal accelerators or higher commission rates on deals that include ideal customer profiles).

Enable reps to run what-if scenarios and visualize the impact of their pipeline using our forecasted earnings and attainment views.

Pricing & support

Sales compensation should be transparent and so should pricing.

We’re the only sales compensation management solution with pricing listed on our website, and no hidden fees or minimum contract value. We’re also the only solution that offers a free trial experience.

Unlike Spiff, QuotaPath includes clear implementation guidance with every package. In addition, our robust knowledge center, product videos, live training sessions, and live chat support ensure you can get started with ease and speed.

Your all-in-one solution for sales commissions

  • Simplify calculations & ensure accurate commissions
  • Integrate your essential tools
  • Instill confidence in your reps with transparent commissions
  • Save valuable time by streamlining stakeholder processes

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