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After 43 years since its 1979 debut on the Apple II computer, your spreadsheet is ready for a break. 

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“QuotaPath has been able to handle our most complex plans while providing our sales team with complete visibility into their earnings leading to a much smoother commission process.”

— Britton, Senior Director of Revenue Operations

How to calculate commissions in Excel

Not ready to part ways with your spreadsheet just yet? That’s ok!

Sales commission tracking spreadsheet no more: Why this leader retired it

Why a Director of Finance retired his sales commission tracking spreadsheet in favor of automation.

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Learn how we’ve mastered the art of “simplicity.”

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How to Build a Compensation Plan Your Sales Team (and Future Investors) Will Love

Design competitive, easily trackable, and simple-in-nature sales comp plans that ​​unite sales reps, RevOps, and finance teams.

build a sales compensation plan

Easiest Sales Compensation Strategy to Use.  Fastest Implementation Sales Performance Management Solution.

Fast time-to-value

With QuotaPath, provide your teams and leadership with real-time insights into their forecasted revenue and earnings.

Trust data cleanliness by syncing your CRM to QuotaPath, and streamline your commission processes by using our admin controls, deal flagging, and compensation plan verification features.

We’ll have your commission processes up and running before your spreadsheet can book a one-way ticket to Boca.

Find out why hundreds of companies have retired their spreadsheets for QuotaPath’s sales commission software.

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