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All the features needed to manage sales commissions

Design & manage compensation plans

Build any compensation plan.

Add quotas, rates, tiers, accelerators, bonuses, SPIFs and any other variable component that encourages reps to sell more.

Improve sales productivity

Enjoy a surge in trust and Closed/Wons.

Forecasting abilities that give reps instant visibility into existing and future earnings on deals in their pipeline.

Accurate commission tracking

No more spreadsheets, automation bliss.

CRM integrations that feed data directly into QuotaPath for real-time, automated sales commissions.

Commission payments & reporting

Close the books faster and more accurately.

Create payout schedules, split commissions into installments, and have a clear line into every clawback and how much your team is owed at any given time.

Budgeting & forecasting

Plan and forecast more accurately.

We’ll help you build a financial model you can trust. Create audit-ready reports for sample testing or reconciling to your ERP.

Encrypted data

Sleep soundly knowing your data is secure.

All data is encrypted at rest and in-transit. This means your data is safe and secure where it’s stored and as it’s moved.

Powerful Integrations

Run commissions smoothly with our robust native integrations. Automatically pull in data and start tracking and forecasting revenue. Data syncs happen in real-time so your team can stay up to date on earnings and performance.

HubSpot commission tracking


Our 2-way HubSpot commission tracking integration is HubSpot Certified.

salesforce commission tracking


Salesforce commission tracking? Check. Sync data from Salesforce in real-time to automate commissions.

close commission tracking


Pull in deals from Close automatically to run commissions.

zoho commission tracking

Zoho CRM

Integrate Zoho CRM data for commissions and grow your revenue.

copper commission tracking

Copper CRM

Pull in your sales pipeline from Copper to power commissions.

saasoptics revenue recognition


Power financial operations by syncing to the SaaSOptics Expense Recognition engine.

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