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Once your plan is built and CRM data mapped, set your plan dates to the past year or whatever period you want to use to gain confidence in the efficacy of your new plan. QuotaPath will tell you the total comp earned from the plan, attainment by Rep, and total effective rate giving you the data you need to align your whole team around your new comp plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I build effective sales compensation plans?

There are three things to consider when building compensation plans. The first is that comp plans should be simple. Make sure they can be explained quickly, and that they don’t involve too many moving parts. The second is that they are logical. You want your comp plans to accomplish the goals your company has set. Lastly, comp plans should be fair. They should be attainable and pay your sales team properly for the work they do.

What are the benefits of sales compensation software?

The three main benefits of sales compensation software include transparency, error reduction, and motivation. Because compensation information is centralized in a platform, everyone involved in the commission process gains a new level of transparency. Automated calculations reduces the risks of human error. And when reps have visibility into their compensation and can trust their payouts will be accurate, they are motivated to sell more.

What role will compensation design play in motivating my sales representatives?

Compensation design plays a big role in motivating sales reps. A good compensation plan should be easy to understand and designed to drive specific behaviors. And, it should pay reps accordingly. Consider adding accelerators and bonuses to motivate your sales representatives to sell more business or specific types of deals.

How do you calculate sales compensation?

The most common ways to calculate sales compensation are either using a spreadsheet or with commission tracking software like QuotaPath. For simple compensation plans, many people choose to calculate manually using spreadsheets. This method can work for small sales teams, however, it can become too time-consuming and unfeasible. If your sales team is scaling or you have more complex comp plans, using a tool can help you calculate sales commissions automatically. Then you can add that to a rep’s base salary to calculate their total compensation. Sales compensation software automates calculations, provides transparency, and removes mistakes.

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