For Sales Reps

commission clarity

Get immediate insight into your commission earnings and quota attainment and see which deals will push you to your next bonus.

Forecast commission and leverage deals in your pipeline

Forecast your commission and run “what-if” scenarios to see how close you are to goal and how much you’ll earn when those deals come in. Let this new transparency guide your motivation and never wonder how much you’ll make on multi-year deals again.

“Prior to QuotaPath I manually tracked all of my sales in a clunky Excel file. Now, I’m able to easily track my commissions, where my money is coming from, and clearly align personal goals with the rest of my sales team.”

— Evan W., Senior Account Executive, G2 Reviewer

Real-time visibility

QuotaPath automatically tracks your commissions in real-time, so you know how much you earned on a deal-by-deal basis. Curious to know how much more you’ll make when you cross into the next accelerator? We’ll calculate that for you too.

Plan ahead

Using MyPath, record historical sales data, track your achievements, organize daily tasks, and set long-term goals. Then celebrate when you reach them!

With QuotaPath:

  • See how much you have earned and will earn based on your pipeline
  • Easily identify what deals will bump you to your next accelerator bracket
  • Remove the waiting period and guesswork when it comes to commission statements
  • Enjoy a user-friendly experience that’s intuitive and easy to learn

Get a tailored demo and see how easy it is to use QuotaPath.