10 meaningful gift ideas for the salesperson in your life

salesperson gift ideas

The holiday season is approaching which means it’s time to show the important sales reps in your life how much they mean to you. Staying motivated and keeping morale high during this high-pressure time is so important to end the year strong. So what better way to keep morale up than through thoughtful gift-giving? We’ve compiled a list* of affordable and meaningful gifts to give the salesperson in your life this holiday season.

Give Your Salesperson Commission Visibility

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For the salesperson who likes their morning and afternoon coffee

Temperature coffee mug – This sexy temperature-controlled coffee mug keeps those coffee drinks at just the right temperature, all day long. Adjust the temperature up and down as you wish. Even do it from your smartphone.

For the salesperson who is a great organizer

Blackwing journal – 160 pages of acid-free, ivory paper that comes in dot-grid, blank, or lined. And you can feel good about this purchase because part of Blackwing’s proceeds helps fund art and music education for children and teens.

For the salesperson that appreciates beauty sleep

Silk sleep mask – Wearing this face mask is like sleeping in a dark cave, plus it’s silky smooth and nice on your skin. Pair it with some earplugs and you’ll get the best sleep of your life!

For the salesperson who takes calls on the go

Apple AirPods pro – If they don’t have them yet, they should. These Pro pods have a newly designed for a customizable fit and have noise cancellation and transparency mode.

For the salesperson who loves to stay hydrated

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle – No skimping when it comes to a good water bottle. The Hydroflask keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for an impressive amount of time. Choose the size and color that you think they’ll like most.

For the salesperson who always brings their pup to work

Casper memory foam dog bed – This memory foam dog bed provides a pressure-relieving and comfortable place for pups to sleep. It comes in three sizes and is easily machine washable. Because our four-legged friends deserve only the best.

For the salesperson who appreciates good desk decor

Hay 120-minute time hourglass – This gorgeous hourglass is the perfect accessory for any desk. It can even be used to time task completion!

For the salesperson with a creative eye

Fujifilm instant wide camera– Who doesn’t enjoy a nostalic instant-film experience?

For the salesperson who is always looking dapper

Woolzies wool drier balls – These eco-friendly drier balls will keep clothes soft, smelling nice, and static-free. They are safe for your clothes and your household. No more toxic drier-sheets, please.

For the salesperson who complains about dry skin in the winter

Desk humidifier – How neat is this USB cactus desk humidifier? It’s portable and easy to carry with you from home to office. Perfect to keep your skin from drying out, for sleeping, and to prevent coughs and sniffles.

*QuotaPath is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by these products. We just think they are great gifts to show some love over the holidays!

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