6 Highly Rated Sales Training Programs for 2020

sales training programs

Good sales training programs can be a highly effective way to improve the performance of your sales teams. In fact, a study done by CSOInsights, the research division of Miller Heiman Group, discusses how top-rated programs have been shown to increase win rates by 10%. This can be a drastic increase in sales productivity for many organizations. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 6 top-rated sales programs that just might be what your organization is looking for.

Note: QuotaPath is not affiliated with any of the sales training programs in this article.

Driving to Close: John Barrows Training

The John Barrows Sales Training Program is a great one for new sales hires in B2B companies. It focuses on two main topics: filling the funnel and driving to close. ‘Filling the Funnel’ is a program that tries to optimize your team by focusing on improving the quality of meetings with decision-makers by utilizing methods such as process, techniques, and structure. ‘Driving to Close’ is a program that tries to improve the quality of the interactions that your reps have. This includes learning ways to handle various scenarios such as negotiating a deal or objection handling.

Cost: $495 for individuals

We reached out to Victoria Weber, Client Development Manager at Methodify, to get an idea of her experience going through the JBarrows Sales Training program. Here’s what she said about it.

“Going through JBarrows Sales Training early on in my career completely reframed my mindset around client interactions and became a lasting part of my consultative sales approach. Having a repeatable methodology supports a great customer experience and helps me avoid common pitfalls like listening with “happy ears”.

5 key takeaways:

  1. Set an upfront contract at the beginning of each meeting to ensure that expectations are agreed upon by all parties.
  2. Decide the next steps before ending a call and send a summary email as soon as possible to establish accountability.
  3. Confirm communication frequency and channels to avoid becoming a nuisance.
  4. Yes is the best and no is the second-best answer in sales. If a prospect is comfortable saying no, you can avoid wasting time chasing down a “maybe” or dark prospect.
  5. Do not “check-in” or “touch base” with potential customers. If you want to be viewed as a valued partner, have a reason for reaching out and be intentional with communications.

The sales profession is ever-evolving, so I still keep my finger on the pulse with posts from John Barrows on LinkedIn, YouTube, and podcasts, as well as content from his colleague, Morgan J. Ingram. They empower all reps to #keepdialing and #makeithappen!”

Sandler Training

Here is another sales training program geared towards B2B sales. Sandler Training is one of the more established, award-winning programs on this list. They teach salespeople how to avoid improving their sales efficiency by taking control of the customer conversation to drive results. Sandler also has programs to improve collaboration and communication through leadership strategies.

Cost: Varies

Hoffman Training

Hoffman Training is a one-day workshop training program that is useful for both sales reps and sales managers. Their workshops typically cover a variety of topics useful for new sales hires and even more experienced sales reps. They can cover everything from building a sales pipeline to teaching your reps techniques to increase response rates and optimize sales calls.

Cost: $595 per workshop

Richardson Trianing Program

One of the best aspects of the Richardson Sales Training Program is the ability to customize for the needs of the individual or organization. They focus on creating engagement with the participants to improve learning. Participants receive coaching and feedback throughout the training. This program is great because participants are able to apply the lessons they learn immediately during the training.

Cost: Varies

Dale Carnegie Training

The Dale Carnegie Sales Training Program promises to help sales reps with improving relationships with leads, identifying unmet needs for prospects, improving lead conversion rates, and creating customer loyalty. It’s grounded in fundamental lessons learned from Dale Carnegie’s influential book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” For some other interesting reads, check out our blog post about our favorite sales books.

Cost: $249 virtual and varies for in-person training

Winning by Design

Winning by Design is another popular sales program that thinks about sales and customer success as more of a science. They have a 3 step approach to training your sales hires. Step 1 is assessing the revenue engine of your company and how your sales process works. Step 2 is designing your sales playbook using a data-driven approach. Finally in Step 3, they give you actual coaching on ways to improve your process.

Cost: Varies

Sales training programs are a great method of professional development for sales teams. At QuotaPath, professional development is one of the core principles of our employee experience. To make sure our team is always learning, employees get a yearly allowance for any learning and development programs or conferences they are interested in. Another way we are dedicated to building high-performing teams is by creating a tool that empowers sales teams. Sign up and easily get your team set up on QuotaPath.

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