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QuotaPath’s Auto Commission Rate tool calculates and sets rates on the backend, so you don’t have to. No formula required.

While commission rates are simple to calculate with single-rate commissions, the same can’t be said for multiple rates. 

Variable pay splits, multipliers, and a growing sales team make rate calculations increasingly difficult. Plus, they often call for extensive formulas, which can confuse your reps when they try to understand their compensation plans. 

Today, we’re excited to share that QuotaPath will now calculate rates for you. We’ll show your reps exactly how they are calculated — without requiring math from your end. 

Auto Commission Rates

  • Streamline plan setup in QuotaPath
  • Manage, edit, and add new plans more efficiently
  • Encourage rep understanding of how they’re paid through a full picture of their compensation plan (Base pay, OTE, variable pay, commission rates, quota splits)

Called Auto Commission Rates, this feature lives in our Plan Builder tool. 

Now, when you add or modify compensation plans using our intuitive Plan Builder, you will start by filling out plan requirement questions, like if the plan contains a single rate or multiple rates and how long quota cycles are.

From there, you will add inputs such as attainment percentages, multipliers, and variable pay splits. These inputs trigger the calculation on the backend by QuotaPath, which removes the need to build complex formulas to calculate earnings. 

That’s it. 

The automatic commission rate feature at the rep level will support an expedited process around plan configuration, increase visibility, and minimize opportunities for errors. I’m excited that QuotaPath continues to enable our team at Muck Rack to execute with enhanced precision and transparency!

— Claire King, RevOps Associate Director at Muck Rack

We’ll do the rest to make the calculations viewable and digestible to your team to foster comp plan understanding and buy-in. 

Plus, our Plan Verification tool, which enables in-app distribution of compensation plans for rep signature collection, will now include this data to provide reps with a complete picture of their entire compensation plan. 

Get started with a free trial today, or learn more by scheduling time with our team.

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QuotaPath partners with Finance, RevOps, and Sales teams to manage sales compensation more efficiently. With a library of free resources to inform compensation plan design and strategy and an automated commission tracking system, QuotaPath aligns teams, saves time, and increases earnings accuracy. 

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