Eliminate a budget line item with QuotaPath

By AJ Bruno • March, 2020 • 2 mins

Save on budget with QuotaPath

We picked a helluva month to release our premium functionality. April 2020 has been circled on my calendar for months.

We’ve raised sufficient funds to be a product-led company and have spent two years building software that takes unnecessary complexity out of sales comp plans. We’ve had phenomenal success with individuals adopting the software and giving us feedback about what their real pain points are in understanding commissions.

We took all of the feedback and built a best-in-class software that will be released early next month.

Like all of you, the coronavirus was not in our initial plans. My first and foremost obligation was making sure my team felt safe and secure. I spent all of last week with them to ensure we understood our “new world.”

Next order of business is the future of the company. Our product is now ready for prime time and we are doubling down on our “Product Led Growth” strategy. We want to help companies eliminate a fiscal line item and that’s why we are offering our premium functionality free for the next three months.

Budgets are tightening. Business leaders are forced to examine every line item. With so much to worry about right now, sales compensation shouldn’t be one of your top issues.

QuotaPath wants to be part of the solution. We will also help evaluate your new goals, quotas, and comp plans. We have seen thousands of plans over the last couple of years and know what to look for in a good plan. Let us help you build it and not have a delay in rolling them out.

With that said, our app and doors are open for business. Get in touch to alleviate at least this one headache.

-AJ Bruno, CEO & Co-Founder

Updated on March, 2020

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