5 Marketing tactics your sales team needs to meet quota

marketing tactics to help sales

This is a guest post from Cody Short, Community Specialist at Shipt. Interested in writing for us? Contact info@quotapath.com.

The term “sales and marketing” are married to each other for a very specific reason. It’s all about business growth! One can not exist without the other. A company’s marketing team relies on the sales team to effectively pitch the product. The sales team relies on the marketing team to be able to position the product. As a sales rep, it’s easy to forget the work that the marketing team already has done for you and how you can utilize those assets when trying to reach quota. Here are 5 marketing tips that can help you reach your quota!

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Talk to Sales

Know your target audience

This sounds simple, but that’s because it is. One of the first things a sales rep learns when pitching a product is knowing who the product is for. If you’re having a conversation about the product with the right person, then your one step closer to closing the deal! The company’s marketing team are the experts on what the customers think, buying patterns, and location. While they’re gathering that information about the ideal buyer persona they’re also keeping track of industry trends and competitors! Direct marketing can be a powerful tool for promoting your content and engaging with customers on a more personal level, allowing you to build relationships that will convert prospects into loyal customers.

Go after the leads

When I was a Sales Development Rep (SDR) my favorite leads were the inbound leads, for obvious reasons. The inbound leads are the direct results of marketing done right! Obviously, inbound leads don’t lead to a 100% conversion rate, but they can almost guarantee at least one conversation. Then, if you’re able to pitch the product well, the possibility of a second conversation can happen. If you’ve booked a demo with the right contact, but the conversation ends afterwards, that contact can be used as a lead in the future. Always circle back to those people you’ve talked to before and continue to nurture those relationships. Part of nurturing those relationships is making sure they’re subscribed to your company emails so that they’re at least receiving free information on product updates and even industry trends. Which leads to my next point…

Read the marketing content

Your company has created so much content to lure in those prospects so you can have the warmest leads! The content that’s been created usually positions the product, making it easier for you to sell it. Take a line or two from the blog, webinar, podcast, or Instagram post to help your prospect understand how the product can be useful to them. Not only does reading the marketing content help you understand how to talk about the product, but it’s also a good way to keep up with industry trends. Utilizing a website’s chatbot is also a great way to know a business and learn more about its product.

Utilize social media

Depending on the industry you’re selling to, some social media platforms would be better to use than others. For instance, if you’re in the healthcare industry, Twitter is a great platform to utilize. If you plan to engage more audience, you can use Instagram, download lovely free photos, modify them with Picsart’s AI photo editing software, and share about your company. Developing a website is always a great idea; it does not require huge expenses if you have outsourced web design and SEO. If you’re in tech, LinkedIn is the best! Since LinkedIn is a professional networking site, it’s generally used by most sales professionals, no matter the industry. So if you haven’t started using social selling for your company’s product,  LinkedIn is a great place to start, plus they provide the tools to assist in creating leads and even export LinkedIn search results for sales outreach campaigns. You can also use a LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to automate such processes as sending invites and messages for a more efficient outreach process. 

Know the brand

What is the thing that stands out about the product you’re selling? How does your company market that niche or unique thing about the product? ALWAYS talk about that! Driving home that one (or two) unique factors about the product can help further the conversation down the sales funnel. It also helps you sound like you know what you’re talking about and that you’re aware of the needs of the prospect.

Reaching your sales quota is always the goal, and can sometimes feel out of reach. It’s easy to forget about the resources that are made available to you when only using the traditional sales methods. Remember, the sales and marketing teams work hand and hand together. If you follow these steps, utilizing the marketing team’s information then you can become a better salesperson, consistently reaching your quota!

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