Measure, track, and motivate with Teams

measure and motivate your teams with quotapath

If you’re familiar with the QuotaPath platform, you know that we provide an automated way to calculate and track earnings and quota attainment. How am I trending towards my quota this month? How much will I bring home this paycheck? What will my earnings be if I close this deal? Hundreds of sales reps and sales managers rely on QuotaPath to provide these answers and more.

We’ve recently released a new feature called Teams that surfaces earnings and attainment data on a team level. This is great for measuring and tracking team performance, increasing team motivation, and getting everyone on the same page when it comes to earnings and attainment.

Set, align, and hit team goals

Even with Salesforce or other BI tools, it’s challenging to track team attainment data. QuotaPath has always surfaced this data on a personal level but now with the new Teams functionality, sales orgs can view information as it relates to quota attainment teamwide (with the appropriate permissions from everyone, of course). It’s likely that sales managers have monthly or quarterly quota goals to trend towards, but what about reaching for the stars?

Our Head of Growth, Graham Collins, previously managed a sales team at his former company. There, he had a team quota (the sum of everyone’s quotas) but also had what they called a ‘steak dinner’ goal. If his team hit 150% of their quota, they went out for a fancy steak dinner, compliments of him. Whether you want to track your team quota or a ‘steak dinner’ type goal, you can set goals in QuotaPath and see how everyone on the team is working to achieve that goal.

Much like org-wide sales goals, sales reps also like to know how they stack up compared to the rest of their teammates. Are you the top dog or somewhere in the middle of the pack? Now you can know for sure with Team Attainment. It’s easy to join a team with others, share your attainment data, and see how you stack up in leaderboard fashion. Keep that eye on the prize.

Goodbye to payroll headaches and hello to team potential

Part of being a good sales manager is being able to unlock your team’s superpowers; sales reps want to know that their manager has their back… and this rings true when it comes to getting paid. How many times have salespeople gotten a paycheck only to realize they were shorted on their earnings? Correctly paid reps are happy reps and happy reps close more business. Raise your hand if you agree with us. Team Earnings gets everyone–reps, managers, accounting, HR–on the same page before payroll runs, preventing the headache of incorrect payments.

And with everyone’s earnings data in a centralized place, managers can see who is excelling where. Who on your team is making the most in upsell and retention bonuses? Find out whose skills are flourishing and where so you can make informed data-driven team decisions. If Adrian is a top performer and crushing it at upsells, you could have them lead a training and share their knowledge with the team at large. Hack your sales plan and unlock your team’s potential with Teams.

Teams not only gives a complete understanding of team earnings and attainment, but it also provides full visibility at a birds-eye view. Everyone is on the same page, focusing efforts towards a common goal. Sign up and see how Teams adds excitement, drive, and motivation to your team.

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